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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Hairspray things

On rewatching (and watching and watching..), things that make me giddy:

John Waters as a flasher. Awesome.

In the first chorus of Nicest Kids in town, Tracy does the motions! Its just so cute!

Right before Miss Baltimore Crabs, you can see that Amber is wearing Link's ring on a chain around her neck. As much as I ADORE Link and Tracy, there's something about Link/Amber that works for me.

Seaweed CRACKS up when Link walks in while Tracy is saying, "Im a bad bad girl who needs to be PUNISHED!" It's awesome.

The guy that Tracy grabs in "I Can Hear the Bells" just seems like he thinks her grabbing him is hilarious. He's just standing there laughing.

Ladies Choice - Link does this little finger flutter. I cant tell if he's waving at someone or what, but its funny.

Also Ladies Choice - when Tracy comes out to dance, Link cant take his eyes off of her..but then he does this little thing, he's biting his lip, he looks away and then looks right back at her, and there is something about it that makes me go SQUEEEEEEE.

"I also hope to be the first woman president! Or a Rockette!"

"Amber, stop it!" Link finally steps up. The "Kiss my ass," Tracy's huge smile and the wink are also of the fabulous.

Seaweed totally shakes his ass at Penny at the beginning of Run and Tell That. And then the look between Link and Tracy when Penny hits the floor is hysterical!

Tracy shakes it while Maybelle is singing Big, Blond, and Beautiful, and Link is just looking at her like, CUTE.

When Link is going through the "that's my shot, Trace," thing, he's holding her hand THE WHOLE TIME. *glee*

Honestly, I dont think Link even NOTICES the shrine to him in Tracy's bedroom. I mean, doesn't EVERYONE have a Link shrine?

The picture? it GIGGLES. its adorable!

Penny's dress for the pageant is totally her curtains. no, REALLY.

Rikki Lake as a talent scout!

"They love you, Link!" He's looking at YOU, Tracy!

When he steps away from Inez, you can see him go for Tracy's hand - to the point where he takes it, then is turning and switches to holding her hand with his other hand. its really cute.

I love how they review the other dances in "Can't Stop the Beat." Both Peyton Place and the dance from Run and Tell That show up.


Things I do not understand:

Is Louanne the same actress throughout? because she REALLY looks different at the pageant..and at first I thought she HAD to be a different actress, but now im not sure...

Previously mentioned timeline issues which i will not go into at this time. because they make my head hurt.

Fics/scenes/snippets i want to read/write/obsess about:

-Link shows up to march
-Link shows up to march. And brings half the council.
-Link shows up to march, brings half the council, INCLUDING AMBER.

-the one where Seaweed tells Tracy that Link was TOTALLY checking out her ass
-the one about Velma and how she would've won the competition anyway
-the one about Velma not winning the contest after Miss Baltimore Crabs
-the one where Link does the song he was supposed to do for the pageant, just for Tracy.
-the one where Link passes out on Tracy's bed after the pageant, still in his tux
-the thing about Link wanting to touch Tracy's hair.

-the one where Tracy never tries out, and Link notices her anyway.
-the one where Tracy doesn't make it on the show, but Link dances with her after she convinces him to. Call this the "Strictly Ballroom" version of Hairspray.
-the one where Link comes and finds her at Miss Maybelle's. He's only been looking ALL OVER TOWN. All night!




I spent the entire time reading this going OMGYES. I always crack up when Tracy's singing 'I can hear the bells' and drops Penny's hand on her chest. The look she gives is classic.
And the look Penny gives Seaweed in 'Run and Tell That' when they're on the bus that 'I want to eat you All up' kinda look. So cool.
I like the ideas for the fics I wish someone would write them *hint* I would but I can't write to save myself!

Re: OMGness

hee! I wish someone would write them too, then i could just ENJOY them instead of obsessing over details.

i might have to write the one where Amber marches. because in my head its really funny.
The guy Tracy throws against the lockers...

IQ! I think He likes pushy gals...

The lip biting is love!

Honestly, I dont think Link even NOTICES the shrine to him in Tracy's bedroom. I mean, doesn't EVERYONE have a Link shrine?

That is funny! He really doesn't seem to notice does he? ycardaria said the same thing about her looking at him through the bathroom window. He's just used to it. :p

OMG her dress IS her curtains! How did I not notice that before? And that begs a question... how did she get her curtains?

I'm not sure about LuAnne... but HERE is something to look at... not to feed the obsession or anything...

-the one where Link comes and finds her at Miss Maybelle's. He's only been looking ALL OVER TOWN. All night!

This right here should've actually happened. I mean I realize they couldn't have him break her out of jail with a hairspray blowtorch like in the play, but I think they could've had him be a part of things more...
he doesnt notice AT ALL. I think its awesomely funny

and the bathroom? look closely. he licks his hand, and then looks up at the camera/Tracy. seriously! at first i thought i was just imagining things, but the way he looks up is..odd.

oooh, fun! Council pics! ..and no, i still cant tell. dangit.

Link SHOULD have come and found her at Maybelle's! I also want fic where he's biting his nails before the pageant, because he either has NO idea where she is, or has NO idea what she's up to.

..im kinda surprised you didnt pounce on the Strictly Ballroom version of Hairspray. Because I totally want you to write it.
I did totally giggled at the Strictly Ballroom version of Hairspray? Does that count? I suck at AU, and have like SO Many fics already going that it worries me... :p

I want you to write where he can't stop touching her hair.

Someone, somewhere wrote a snip of Link during the pageant where he is wondering where she is and all that. I just can't remember who... I have my own plans concerning all that so shall remain mum for now. :p

I really think LuAnne is the same girl but I can't be sure. I have a picture of her from the beginning but no good shots of her at the end. [hurry up DVD]

The bathroom scene in my mind is more Tracy's imagination that actual happening, but I could be wrong.

I have to say that's pretty audacious of Trace, peeking into the boys room! That's the bold Tracy people forget sometimes I think when writing...

Yes Link's look is odd. It's either he has no reaction or "oh look another girl in the window." Link it happends everyday.
I love the idea of the Strictly Ballroom au, but there's no way I could handle it. too much plot. and thinky things. i just want the pretty. although Tracy doesnt fit the ugly duckling thing, she's already gorgeous.

..i need to write the hair touching. but right now, all i have in my head is the different versions of the march...especially the one where Amber is there, and she's clinging to Link's arm and squealing in fright whenever a black person gets too close, and the entire time, she's clutching a sign and muttering under her breath, "You owe me so big, Link Larkin! You and your whale!"

..i dont know. i really dont.

i think the bathroom scene is imaginary too. but i see Link's look is more, "ohh, pretty girl watching. act smooth."

i think Link never even considers that Tracy is different. she's just pretty. and she can move, and he appreciates that.

..um. your daily obsessive review of everything Link Larkin has ever done on camera is now concluded. carry on.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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