Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Drabbles and Ficlets: Multifandom

Title: So Doing It
Fandom: Chuck

"Dude, did you hear that the new guy is totally dating the hot chick
from the weiner place?"

"Seriously? I thought she was dating that computer geek."

"A guy like that with a girl like her? Get serious. What can he do,
program her computer to say I love you? Lame."

"Yeah, but the big guy looks like he might get pissed off and break
her in half."

"I'm telling you, dude, I walked by the other day, and she was
standing ON the counter, and she looked kinda sweaty and hot. And
then the big guy stands up from off the floor! They are SO doing it."


Title: Inspiring
Fandom: The Inside

"You can't honestly tell me you listen to this, right?"

Danny looked injured. "I like Beethoven, thank you very much."

Mel snickered. "I always pictured you for heavy metal at times like this."

Danny bit his lip and tried to grin. "Times like what?"

"Like this. When we're both naked. And.." Mel lost track of what
she was saying when Danny shifted his hips."

He grinned down at her. "It's the cymbols." He blew out a long
breath and closed his eyes. "I find them..inspiring."

Title: Wink
Fandom: The Inside

The first time it happened, Rebecca thought he had something in his eye.

The second time, his gaze lingered for a moment.

The third time, Danny was pulling her to her feet from where he had
been shielding her on the floor, and she couldn't make her mouth work
right to tell him to stop that.

The fourth time, he brought her coffee. Made just the way she liked
it. Put it on her desk, winked, then walked off without a word.

The fifth time, Rebecca walked in wearing a miniskirt for an
undercover assignment. When she saw him checking out her legs, she
couldn't help herself.

He blushed.

Title: River and Oceans
Fandom: Firefly

River sank into the bathtub blissfully.

The water was hotter than she had expected, but a bath was not a thing
to let linger.

Water flows, and the tide might take away the bubbles.

She ran her hands down her legs and sighed.

Zoe was lonely, in her quiet bedroom where loud shirts used to live.

She had thought about inviting Zoe to join her, but the words got a
little tangled, and River gave up after Zoe had calmly agreed that
water is wet and the wind is cold.

River splashed in irritation, bubbles tingling and popping under her skin.

She would have shared her bubble bath, but her bathtub was only big
enough for an ocean.

Title: Leer When Appropriate
Fandom: Firefly

The four of them were sprawled out in the cargo bay. Even Simon had
relaxed enough to sit down on a crate with his legs dangling.

The girls were giggling a few crates over. Inara was doing something
elaborate with Kaylee's hair, while Zoe was trying to show River how
to braid her own without dislocating her shoulders.


Mal looked over at Jayne, who was leaning back against a crate with a
mug dangling from his fist and watching River.

"She don't seem nearly so little and crazy with her hair pulled back
like that."

Simon winced. "Don't leer at my sister, please."

"I ain't leering." Jayne shot him an injured looked. "I don't look
at her no different than I look at the others of them."

"You leer at all of them, Jayne," Wash pointed out. "Even Zoe."

"Well, yeah," Jayne blinked. "But only when they think I oughta."

Mal raised an eyebrow.

Simon and Wash exchanged confused looks.

Jayne rolled his eyes in irritation at their slowness. "When 'Nara is parading around in near
nothing, and Kaylee's got her hair and face all done, then yeah, I
leer. They'd be insulted, otherwise."

Simon blinked. "That..actually makes sense. If you didn't leer, it
would mean you didn't notice." He shook his head and looked at Jayne
curiously. "When's the last time you leered at River?"

Jayne grinned, and pushed himself off the crate. "Well, now," he
said cheerfully. "I'm pretty sure I leered this morning, while she
was getting her clothes back on in my bunk."

Simon choked.


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