January 13th, 2013

ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

A History of Bears

Or, the history of my yuletide participation.

Tunnels - The Great Escape
Danny digs.

I will freely admit this one kind of sucks. Honestly, I don't know what I THOUGHT The Great Escape was, but it wasn't this movie. Which I had never seen before. So there was scrambling to find it and watch it and panic and BEARS EVERYWHERE. My sincere apologies to my recipient.

Jaded - Bulletproof Monk
He still calls her Bad Girl.

Bulletproof Monk fic is something I would never have even considered before, but I jumped all over it, because I LOVE Jade and Kar. This was a New Year's Resolution fic.

Birth - Constantine
Angela never thought she would have a child.

This is one I'm really proud of, because I knew pretty much what I wanted to do, and this gave me an excuse. It was a major pain in the ass and there were many many Bears, because the damn thing didn't cooperate for quite a while, but I still love it.

Sticks and Stones - Young Wizards
Sometimes, it's not the end of the world.

I was SO EXCITED when I got this assignment, as it was for magelette, who I love and adore and talk to all the damn time, so getting her as my recipient was worth flailing and giggling. Ultimately, I decided on her Young Wizards prompt, even though I could have written several of her requests, but Nita and Kit are too awesome. I'm still rather pleased by it - I wanted something where there was no major threat, just everyday wizardry, and I think that came through well.

Control - The Inside
She was only a little girl, after all, and what do little girls know about power?

This remains, to this day, one of the most disturbing things I've written. I actually had started it way before I signed up to write The Inside for yuletide, but the idea freaked me out so I stopped it. When this request came through, though, I started poking at it again. I did manage to not totally freak myself out by editing out the actual rape and molestation, but there needs to be trigger warnings all over this thing, because it's not a happy story. And i'm very proud of it. Because freaking YOURSELF as the author out is fairly amazing.

2007 Treats:
Fabulous - The Incredibles.
It's just Edna, darling. When are you coming to see me?

This is probably my most "famous" yuletide story, which shocked the HECK out of me, as I wrote it in less than 30 minutes and uploaded it purely on the fact it made me giggle. Of COURSE Edna is a Super. Why wouldn't she be?

Fierce and Free - Legend
What care I for human hearts?

I want to be Oona when I grow up. I love how fierce she is and how manipulative.

Mute - The Young Riders
Ike, in silence.

Ike is probably my favorite of the boys, I will admit to it. And the challenge of writing something for him and Buck was too much to resist.

Fairest and Fallen - Young Wizards
Greetings and defiance.

I REALLY like how this one turned out. The Lone Power in many different forms, but always there for Nita.

A Horse and Her Boy - The Young Riders
It had only taken one split second for him to fall head over heels.

For the SECOND TIME, I got magelette as a recipient, and you should have seen my face when it happened. I laughed forever. I have no idea how she didn't guess it was me this time around, because we generally swap fics to beta, and when I didn't send her my yuletide to beta..yeah. But this is Kid and his horse, Katy, and how he's so massively in love with her I have no idea how he managed to fall in love with Lou.

2008 Treats:
A Plate of Wonderful Marriage Pasta - Smiling Pasta
Do your best, He Qun and Xiao Shi! Here is amazing pasta made especially for you by your grandfather, with good wishes and good luck! This pasta is 'Wonderful Marriage' and will bring you many years of happiness if you eat it together!

Written, with love, for [personal profile] anenko, because who else but me would write Smiling Pasta fic? I love the pouty feeling of Xiao Shi in this, and I'm very happy with it, even though no one else has seen this twdrama or will ever read it.

Mostly Harmless - Young Wizards
A peaceful, easy mission? Yeah, right.

The request involved wanting something set in winter, but instead of thinking HAPPY CHRISTMAS FIC! I decided to strand them in a cave and try to kill them off. It made sense at the time. Not one of my favorites, and I struggled with it, because I couldn't decide if I wanted to fix the problem or leave it open. I left it open.

2009 Treats:
A Girl's Best Friend - The Breakfast Club
Before she went to bed Friday night, Claire took the diamond out of her ear and set it on the counter carefully. She wondered what would happen.

The Breakfast Club is one fandom I'm not really in. I've read a couple of fics, but almost all of what you can find is Brian/Bender, and while I'm all for slashing, the OTP of my heart for this one is Claire/Bender, and I've always wondered what on earth would happen at school that Monday.

In Silence, Coming Home - Fionavar Tapestry
Dave and Kim arrived back on earth on a Wednesday.

Davor of the Axe is my favorite character in the Tapestry, and I can't help but wonder how you adjust back to our world after Fionavar, especially when you've lost so much and changed everything you were in your old life.

Ordinary - Mei-chan no Shitsuji
Ordinary is the best, or five times Mei wasn't a lady.

I will admit to kind of loving how this turned out. I rarely write five things fics, but this one just worked best this way. What would happen to Mei or Rihito or even Mameshiba if something had gone just a little differently anywhere along the way?

The Smallest of Things - Push
When he comes back to wherever they're living at the time, she's generally sprawled out over the sagging couch with her legs in ripped tights tossed over the arm rest and her markers all over the place. When he's there with her at their current little crap hole of a hotel, she's constantly talking, shoving her drawings in his face, and leaving the bathtub tile splashed with weird colors from her experiments with hair dye. When he takes off for a while, she's yelling after him to pick her up something to eat and for god's sake, Nick, duck when the lady with the fish smiles or don't turn left after dinner, dumb ass.

Push is one of those fandoms where everyone on earth ships the badwrong underage ship. Everyone. But, as much as I ship it, I think Cassie and Nick are more for each other, too. I tried to straddle the line between family and more than, and I think it came off ok, although it's not one of my favorite stories I've written.

2011 Treats:
With Mortal Hands, I'll Build a Castle - Care Bears
It was..strange to have a heartbeat. And skinned knees and runny nose and emotions, of all things.

It's Dark Heart adjusting to being human and having Kristy around and what all these pesky feelings are. I saw the prompt and jumped on it, because omg my childhood ships!

AND FINALLY!!! Because I just realized I never actually did my reveal for this year..

No Romeo - Footloose (1984)
Ren had started something, just by being there. Just by being there, and different, and too stubborn by half to back down.

I watched the clip of "Let's Hear It For the Boy" about 400 times before writing this, mulling over Willard and how his life would probably end up. And maybe my slash goggles are completely firmly in place, because the request for Ren/Willard made perfect sense to me. But then, I COULDN'T not have Ren in love with Ariel, so I had to throw that in, too.

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