January 14th, 2011

ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

2010 Fandom Roundup

It's still January, so this still totally counts.

Picspams and Pimpage:

-Butterfly Lovers Final Fight
-Afterschool Nightmare
-Drama KO: Stand Up!!
-Drama KO: Maou
-Drama KO: Long Love Letter
-Drama KO: Quiz Show 2
-Drama KO: Buzzer Beat
-Girlcrush: Hirosue Ryoko


-Holding Our World Together (Word World, PG, apocafic)
-Duty (Mei-chan, PG13, Rihito/Shiori, dubcon)
-The Tenth Time (Glee, R, Puck/Rachel)
-i've tasted blood and i want more (Glee, PG13, Kurt/Karofsky)
-Cretins and Masochists (Glee, R, Kurt/Karofsky)
-Ordinary (Mei-chan, PG, five things)
-Ranking (Mei-chan, PG, Rihito angst)


-Aiba's Pikanchi Solo


-Everyday Superhero (multifandom jdramas)

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