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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Can't Tell a Verb From a Noun

So! Im here to talk to you about the current thing EATING MY BRAIN LIKE AN APPLE.


If i dont talk about it here, Ill be forced to go over and leave many many random comments all over thegranddewru's lj, and she probably doesnt want my ranting and squeeing all over her journal. it just gets so messy, you know.

So, for starters, no, its not out on dvd yet, but it comes out on November 20th, and Ive already pre ordered the special edition.

shut it, its awesome.

Its a musical! with dancing! and singing! and pretty long legged boys to perv on!

First of all, i just want it to be known that Zac Efron does absolutely nothing for me. he's a cute kid, but he kinda reminds me of a big puppy with big ears and feet to trip over. so, really, i wasnt really expecting to do anything but say, awww, cute, puppy love! Tracy gets the guy!

...and then he slicked back his hair, put on a skinny tie and started shaking his hips, and im afraid i swallowed my tongue.

now that that's out of the way...


Tracy is fun and sweet and cute, and she looks like the kind of girl who you would just love to hang out with and giggle about boys. Penny is Amanda Bynes, which makes it amazing that at NO POINT did I claw at the screen screaming GET HER OFF GET HER OFF, and actually, i found her cute here. Queen Latifah continues to be Her Royalness, so get down and bow, bitches.

The music is great, very dancable and singable, and ive got most of the words down already, which is important when Im dancing around the room to "Ladies Choice." (Did I mention the Link Larkin lust? Because, really.)

Its...its..just..its a MUSICAL.

I mean, I saw both High School Musicals, and was so not blown away. I mean, if ANYONE is going to be enchanted and thrilled over very silly musicals set in a high school, especially if someone named Sharpey is in it, its going to be me. But..but..the music. its just..well..boring.

But this? this is a proper musical.

And it has lots of dancing! and cute love stories! and Link Larkin! Licking his hand!

So, on November 20th, I expect you to go rent it or buy it or something, but i DEMAND you watch it.

And help me STOP watching it. I saw it for the first time on Sunday (um..*shifts uncomfortably* I have this odd file on my computer called yarprsiah that I got from somewheres..*shifty*), and have since watched it at LEAST once a day, although im on my third rewatching today.

i have a problem. and he looks really good in blue.

so, for those of you who've seen it, things that make me happy in the pants:

-Link looking at Tracy's butt when she's dancing in detention. you know what caught his attention. *snickers*
-Link LICKING HIS HAND in "I Can Hear the Bells"
-Tracy blows Link a kiss and he CATCHES it, people, in "Ladies Choice." And he watches her the whole time. *hearts*

-Tracy's having SO MUCH FUN. it just makes me happy.
-"The New Girl in Town," the Negro Day version - the lovely lady in the middle has the best smile ever. and i need animated icons of 1)the "un HUH" head bob and 2) the "oh well" shrug from the end.
-Famous last words, "Kiss my ass?" and Tracy's answering smile. she's got such a great smile!

-"Moral...turpentine." and the look Amber has on her face
-"All mashed up against a crooner!" and the 'oops' look on Link's face after he winks at Edna. *giggles*

-More Queen Latifah. Yes, please! And "I Know Where I've Been," is just beautiful.
-my current favorite line ever: "I can't believe Tracy savagely bludgeoned an Eagle Scout. That's just not like her."
-"Without Love." The whole thing. Yes. Awesomeness. and Link? And Tracy's bed? its DIRTY, people. especially including the fact the director shot that scene at one point with Link's hand down his pants.

-Tracy looks really hot in her entrance for "Can't Stop the Beat." REALLY hot.
-Can i count all of "Can't Stop the Beat?" because its just that much fun.
-the kiss. THE KISS. He's SMILING, y'all. SMILING and KISSING HER and then SMILING and then KISSING HER. its GORGEOUS.

There are tons and tons more little things, but i started listing EVERYTHING i liked, and it just got..way overwhelming, and i started getting embarrassed. because it was hard to read, not because i care if you think im obsessive. if you read my lj at all, i would think it would be the definition of "obsessive."


and then i started cataloging every touch/look/interaction between Link and Tracy. like the fact they hold hands or have their arms around each other throughout the ENTIRE LAST SCENE. or the fact im pretty sure he has his hands on her hips while dancing with her at Maybelle's. I just cant PROVE it, because the cut is too high.

..did i mention how yummy Link is? Because he really really is.

Stuff i didnt like is much shorter, and im dealing:

-can Amanda not dance? because she didnt do anything but bounce, really. or is it supposed to be that Penny can't dance?

-John Travolta disturbs me. I got no problems with drag, i could deal with him being in a fat suit, but he plays Edna so..over the top, that it just..bothers me. but, like i said, im dealing.

-the timeline is all wacky. the march is Friday at 4pm - where, then, did Tracy go to first thing the morning of, and why didnt her mother find her earlier? was the Miss Hairspray contest the very next day, or do we skip a day? Because Edna changes clothes, and i find it confusing.

But, seriously, normally, musicals turned into movies make me hurt. but not this one. This one? Im shaking my hips in Link Larkin's direction. Think he'll notice?


So now I have to come Squee on your journal. How much do I love that you love this movie? More than I can say. :)

he's a cute kid, but he kinda reminds me of a big puppy with big ears and feet to trip over… and then he slicked back his hair, put on a skinny tie and started shaking his hips, and im afraid i swallowed my tongue.

Exactly! And then I embarrassedly started writing fic!

Any how…

But Tracy is so adorable! I love her to pieces. I’m so glad Amanda didn’t ruin it for you because that would have been sad. Queen is awesome… I’ve been using that word too much lately, but it’s true and I love Maybelle.

The music if so great! Do you have the soundtrack yet because if not I’ll have to…*cough*hookyouup*cough*

I agree with you about HSM, which I enjoy because my kids enjoy them so much but I don’t think I’d like much otherwise. But Hairspray is just absolute fun. Cute sweet and the hand licking! Yes, total love.

I will admit to you here that I went to see Hairspray in the theater more times than I have gone to see any other movie ever. I probably would’ve gone again but it finally left the theater here last week. Then I too got it on my computer somehow *totally innocent look* and I have watched it several times since then. So you’re not alone in that department. :)

He does look really good in blue. And Corny is so corny! And Tracy is so cute! And Seaweed ain’t half bad either!

“I’m a bad bad girl who needs to be punished!” oh yes, I love that part.

The kiss blowing!

“All mashed up against a crooner!” yes, yes and yet every time I’m so disappointed as to there not actually being any mashing… :(

The failure of the wink… poor Link. :p

They way L/T stay together throughout the rest of Can’t Stop.

The smiling while kissing… oh yes! *hearts* I love that too!

The way Seaweed climbs up Penny in can’t stop the beat.

Link’s legs in that tux…

Ah yes, so much to love!

*thinks she wants to watch it again right now*
Oh! and that Friday thing... how I have lamented and agonized over the Friday thing. They messed up and it makes canon difficult but, since the pageant is Sat, then i assume it is the next day. or a week later... which seems unlikely. :)

And it was Friday, wouldn't they have gone to school? Well, I've got my theories because I had to have them for my fic! But what a pain. :p

John T. You know he really pulled me out of it too, but I find the more I watch it, the more I just see Edna and that this is just how she is. :p
the friday thing makes me CRAZY. because - when Link comes over (and OMGHECOMESOVER! To check on Tracy! Because he should've been beside her!), Edna's wearing a blue robe. when Tracy calls, Edna's wearing a dress. i just..cant figure it out. *looks confused* Plus, she answers the phone COMPLETELY NORMALLY. she's not still panicking.

im usually pretty good about time lapses in musicals and movies - you have to set up the whole storyline. but sometimes it just makes me crazy.

also, timing for the Hop. When is it? DURING the school day? It would have to be - because Penny is the one who tells the Turnblad's that Tracy is going to be on the show - which only comes on M-F, from what I understand. at 4pm.

no, i dont overthink things at all...

i ALSO have the soundtrack, and have been listening to it whenever im not watching the move..*cough*

um, but regarding the "file" you have that you can watch..mine is divided up into 2 files, and the break is in a weird place..and then someone stands in front of the camera for about 15 seconds right before Link comes over to Tracy's..um..how's yours, and if its better, i love you? *hopeful smile*

the handlick is omgsohot. especially the way he looks up right after. guh. in many ways.

omg, i have so many bunnies. help me corral them! *herds*

like, the fact that Link REALLY wants to touch Tracy's hair post movie.

or the one where Link does show up to the march.

or the one where Edna shows up at Link's looking for Tracy very EARLY one Sat morn, and he answers the door with his hair everywhere, wearing nothing but pj bottoms. no, Tracy isnt there. im more concerned with the fact i want Link to keep showing up half naked in front of her mother. there's a problem here somewhere..

or the one where Tracy realises she can SMELL Link on her pillow.

um. help?

also, i need many more icons. *hunts*
Smell Link on her pillow? He wants to touch her hair? I like these plot bunnies. :) Corralling them though I have no idea! Write them down even if it's just a rough outline?

My theory on Edna and the phone answering... well she had to put something on, it wouldn't do to hang about in your house coat when you have company, and Link is there.

As far as answering the phone... argh, I don't know! Annoying. All because they forgot to film it and used footage from somewhere else. How did they not notice how out of sync that is. Bad editor, bad bad.

My "file" it sounds the same as yours. it's an AVI and it is split right after they get on the bus. But if I set it up as a playlist it plays just like a little glitch. And there is a guy standing in the way, almost blocking Link while he delivers my favorite line! so Probably not better... :(

The hop... the day after he bumps her in detention. I hadn't worried over that one so much, now I am lol. Sure, it was a half day that day. Or they did the hop and aired it instead of the regular show. I don't know. That whole bit is two days because Penny is wearing two different outfits so... and this whole thing now has my brain going crazy...

Icons! I haven't seen a lot that I love... accept the animated ones. I've just been using the ones I made from the trailer. I don't like the color on the caps from what's currently available. Another reason I can't wait for the dvd! :)

Apparently I'm not capable of a short reply on this topic!

he DOES want to touch her hair! its all swingy and pretty and soft looking! *is completely hopeless*

we have the EXACT same file. interesting! i hadnt thought of a playlist though - must do that. id rather have a glitch than be rocking out and then swearing and having to change files.

but see, there's the hop - then shes on the show! *clutches hair* i can fanwank it...Corny liked what he saw, they did the show, he told Velma he had a new cast member in mind, and that she would see who it was the next day - Link or Corny or someone else comes and finds her right before the bus leaves for the show the next day, and says, "arent you coming? didnt anybody tell you? your on the council!"

but, thats really just me wanting explanation.

the other big one that bothers me (yes, i overthink), is the platter party at Maybelle's. What, they didnt have the show that day? and why wouldnt they have the show or school on FRIDAY? *is very confused* we know that the march is the very next day, and we know that Tracy goes straight home from Maybelle's...grr. this shall bother me.

no worries about short replies. seems i cant do them either!

i might go struggle with capturing a bunny if the child stays asleep. or is at least, not fussy. althogh based on his behavior the REST of today, "not fussy" would be asking for alot.
Yes, if you think too hard then there are lots of little problems like that. Like one day Tracy's last class is Science and then another it's History? and Why didn't they have the show that day etc. All we have is fanwank I'm afraid. So go with what you think fits. Maybe Corny didn't tell her until the last minute because he didn't want Velma to have time to thwart him.

Here's hoping for not fussy! And for mine not to kill each other as it seems they want to try and do today.
I didn't see a problem with the diff classes thing. My school never had the same class at end of day M-F they were set timetables week to week but not day to day... if that makes sense. Unless it's an American school thing I'm just not getting?
I thought the pagent was on a Sat as well? but again I agree with the fan thing go with what you know. Maybe there'll be deleted scenes or something that explain it better on the dvd.
Americans have only recently gotten to the point where we have different schedules on different days - as far as I know, in the 60s, they should have had the same schedule every day. I might be wrong.

the pageant is on Saturday, but they go from school to Maybelle's to home - to the march - to on the run - to the pageant! why is there no show Thursday or Friday?

oh man, i WANT deleted scenes. I WANT bloopers.
Ahhhhhh that explains it. Then again I'm not sure what class times were like here in the 60's.
I got the impression that the shows were taped ahead of time and then aired and that the pagent was the first time the show was shown live?
*joins you in the WANTing*
Nope, they're on live. Its even in Miss Baltimore Crabs!

"Are you sure we're on live?"

the pageant is the first time they're on live with a live studio audience. It took me a while to figure that one out!
ahhhhhhhhhh I can't believe I didn't pick that up.
Then again I had to look at the CD when I bought it to see if it actually Was Miss Baltimore CRABS I laughed so hard when I saw that it was.
*is hoping for deleted scenes*
My friend and I had free passes to see it not long after it came out and we got to see the kareoke version, lol. The words were written along the bottom of the screen as they sang, but as most of us were seeing it for the first time, we didn't know the tune so no one sang along. But it really helped for those bits where it was hard to hear.

And it was only after I saw the movie that I found out that Zac Efron played wee!Simon in Safe. So now everytime I listen to the soundtrack I giggle and go, 'It's wee!Simon! In his little dorky vest doing math homework!' Yeah, I can't get over it...

But it was an awesome movie; better than I was expecting, and Without Love and You Can't Stop the Beat are now two of my favorite songs. :)
He IS Wee!Simon! Which is why Ive had this odd odd idea in the back of my head that I will neverever write, but which is fun to giggle at: Simon gets recognized as a star. In order to show that he is who they think, instead of, say, a criminal, he has to sing (and dance, and shake his hips) in front of everyone. including the whole crew.

crack? yes. but still funny.

I'm pretty fairly sure that everything you've written there has made me squee and laugh in agreement! lovelovelove this movie. it's not out on dvd for me till Jan 11th sadly but! it's still on at the movies here! I've *coughonlycough* seen it four times.
Um I also have the soundtrack and in the 'Nicest Kids in Town' does anyone else do the squealing at the 'and I'm Link' part...or is that just me. *grins*
For the record the timeline drove me crazy as well but I just tune that part out in favour of sheer Fun (Can I have one of Seaweed please I'll give you shiny)
Um..i might be guilty of screaming and jumping up and down at the "And I'm Link," BUT ILL NEVER ADMIT IT! *grins*
I can't admit to the jumping bit (bouncing yes jumping no) but the screaming I'll freely admit to. I'm infecting my mates too! they all do it too.
... not that you do of course ;)
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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