October 29th, 2009

FULL HOUSE: Burn This Wardrobe

Rec It To Me

So, Im dealing much better with life with the help of xanax and emotional eating, but im still out of fandom at the moment, and I am sad and lonely.

Not sad and lonely enough that I can focus on anything much longer then three minutes, with the exception of Glee and SYTYCD.

But i still want to watch things, and i find myself watching music videos and fanvids.

So, rec me something, by any one, for any fandom, whatever. Whatever you're into, whether it's just the musician, or just the song, or the fanvid you put together...whatever.

Rec it to me?

ETA: I have lost 2 of my favorite vids - both to "Shake It." One was Arashi, one was multi fandom Asian. Anybody have any ideas where they might be?