August 19th, 2009

FIREFLY: A Man Called Jayne

My Plus One

I feel vaguely less like death today, but im fairly certain that's because the entire day was spent doing "new hire", im not a new hire, but my situation is so incredibly complicated that it's easier to do the paperwork then try to convince the financial people that their computer system knows me and likes me. So, I didnt have to spend any time in the room with NOTHING.

NOTHING. Zilch. Zip. Nada.

...actually, that's a lie. There IS something currently in my classroom. It has too many legs, 2 wings, and it's lying dead in the middle of the floor.

Yes, Im on day three of employment, AND I DONT HAVE ANY FURNITURE. I dont have cubbies, or tables, or bookshelves, or legos or blocks or even a freaking Mr Potato Head. Why? Because the crazy people who closed my old classroom decided that if they were closing that classroom for good, then the stuff needed to go SOMEWHERE, so why not have it shipped down to my NEW classroom?

Which would be shiny! Except for the fact that the truck has not yet come to the old school to even pick up all my crap. When will it happen? NO ONE KNOWS.

Oh, but Im supposed to be setting up the physical space! Well, maybe I could do some planning...except for that all the stuff I need to plan - like, oh, the computer, the printer, the Boardmaker software, the buckets for individual work...yeah, that's all AT THE OLD SCHOOL! Not just there, it's at the old school in about four different closets in various rooms around campus. Just to make things easier!


darkeyedwolf passed this one to me when I was a zombie, and it makes me smile, which is a big thing right now, so Im sharing it.

ARASHI: Ohno - Thrust

Five: Arashi edition 1

biases asked for Top five Arashi songs!


Not ranked according to love. I just adore them all.

And eustacia_vye, this sort of counts as a brief pimp. It introduces their music, anyway. only about a third of the point of Arashi, but none the less!

1. Happiness: It's bright and colorful, and the boys are being epically stupid and extremely hilarious, and Ohno and Nino cant keep their hands off each other, and at one point, I think Jun might attack and eat someone, and we get to see Aiba's vibrating belly. Plus, Sho looks really really really pretty in that pink shirt. It's a bubbly, fun song full of dorkery!

2. Sakura Sake: this is the pv where I fell for Arashi, I admit it. I dont know, the set up - each boy as both a student and a teacher, the way Ohno wacks Nino over the head for no apparent reason, the colors, Sho's rapping...i love it all! AND of course, Ohno's pelvic thrust.

3. Step and Go - live: Sorry for the crap quality, but i love this particular performance of Step and Go. The dancing! Jun's camera-whoring! Sho's rapping! Honestly, though? It's how Ohno says, "Rollin rollin on" that really makes me love it.

4. Truth: *babbles* ok, so the others have been peppy and upset. HI NOT THIS SONG. This was the theme song to "Maou," which starred Ohno as a PSYCHOPATH. This song is darker and creepy, but the video is AMAZING. the colors, the orchestra, the imagery, Aiba's red pants, Ohno's FACE. I LOVE THIS VIDEO.

5. Right Back to You - AAA in Dome live: GUYS THEY HAVE LIGHTSABERS. It doesnt get any more ridiculous or awesome then this!

*updated to fix dead vids. Dammit, Johnny, cant you just let us keep them up for a MONTH?