July 1st, 2009


oh, JIRO.

Im finding I spend a great amount of time while watching ToGetHer going, "oh, Jiro, your stupid face.." *heart*

I cannot take Jiro Wang seriously. I dont know why. So, even though the boy is built like fire, I cannot bring myself to call him hot or even cute.

Instead, I comment on his stupidity. It's a form of love.

See more of Jiro's stupid face under the cut.

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FULL HOUSE: The Marriage is a Draw

[Piggyback] Care Taking (ToGetHer/Superstar Express)

ToGetHer/Superstar Express is not your typical romantic comedy twdrama. I honestly dont know how they are going to handle any different topic, because they aren't hitting a whole bunch of cliches as they go.

They do have their share of cliche experiences - it's just how things are handled that tends to be nontypical.

Now, in a typical drama, this piggyback scene would be full of barely realized feelings and would usually involve character 1 discovering character 2 is deathly ill and involve a piggyback carry at a run to get character 2 to medical care.

This? Not exactly.

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