January 1st, 2009

TYR: Kid and Katie

Yuletide Reveal!

Massive thanks to roadstergal for writing Happily Never After, which is Into the Woods, and is Jack and Little Red, and is just fantastically written, with Jack being dim and not understanding girls but sweet in a very real way, and Red being quick to anger, quick to misunderstand, and just as quick to forgive. eventually.

AND, massive thanks and giggles to anenko, who kind of gave herself away by TALKING TO ME PREVIOUSLY about the idea she had, but HEY, it's Love Bites, it's Shin and Yankumi and sex gone OH SO VERY WRONG as only sex with Yankumi would go.

As for what I wrote..well..

Hilariously, for the second time in yuletide for me, I got my beloved magelette - extraordinary beta and all around fabulous person! I opened up my yuletide assignment and DOUBLECHECKED THE DATE, just to be sure. And the I laughed. For quite a while.

For Kara, I wrote A Horse and Her Boy, a fic about Kid and Katy and his deep abiding love for her. His horse. The Young Riders is a fandom ive only dabbled in ONCE for last year's yuletide madness, but I love Kid and Ike and Lou and Katy and Teaspoon and everyone, and I just had to try it. :)

I also wrote a treat for anenko, who figured out it was me EASILY, and pretty much for the same reason I knew she wrote Love Bites for me..that, and we were the only ones who requested Smiling Pasta, which is Taiwanese drama about a girl and a boy and a turtle outfit. That is called A Plate of Wonderful Marriage Pasta, and to my complete shock, got comments from FOUR people! I didnt even know anyone else had even seen the show!

2008 Fandom Round Up

Some fics, a few vids, but one INCOMPLETE fic that is glaring at me. I VOW TO FINISH WINGTIP THIS YEAR.

Brown Sugar Macchiato:

- A Ghost and a Boy - give a ghost a little bit of time
- Icons


- Abort Once Around (Out of Orbit Remix) - a remix of a remix of something I wrote in the first place. Jayne/crew
- Ficlets: Snow, Wedding, Simon and Zoe - angst
- Smolder (Come On Baby, Light My Fire Remix) - Simon and Zoe, a remix of rinalin fic
- Woman-Wife-Lover (Five Women Simon Tam Never Married)

Full House kdrama:

- Maid to Order - Ji-Eun gives Young-Jae something inspiring


- What's Right - Link marches

Hana Kimi Japan:

- Out of Order - Nakatsu desperately needs a bathroom
- my hands still shake - 3 people, 3 ways of seeing
- Problems of a Meditative Nature - NC17 - Sano has a problem. A big problem.

Hana Yori Dango:

- Girls Like This - Yuki and Suijiroh at a party, scroll down to read
- A Boy Like That - Yuki and Suijiroh, another party, another look
- PICSPAM:Domyouji Tsukasa: Woobie or Bastard
- Your Heart Beneath My Hands - that Domyouji isnt the boy with her
- Comedy of Eros - defeated by basic biology


- Dumb and Tragic - Sawada Shin is deeply uncool
- Uniformly Covered - She was wearing nothing but his uniform jacket


- we dance simple hours - her heart is a pebble in her hands

Smiling Pasta:

- A Plate of Wonderful Marriage Pasta - He Qun and Xiao Shi's wedding day doesnt quite go as planned

The Young Riders:

- A Horse and Her Boy - Kid and Katy and true love


- VID: Beat It - How Strong Is Your Fight - Asian multifandom, with explosions and car crashes. Or maybe just fist fights
HKTW: Keep You Safe

FIC: Screwdrivers, Snakes, and Spears (Hana Kimi TW, NC17)

Im starting 2009 off on the right path! WITH PORN.

Title: Screwdrivers, Snakes, and Spears
Author: alianora
Fandom: Hana Kimi TW
Rating: NC17
Xiu Yi was reminded that he was definitely still asleep when Quan leaned forward, running his tongue over Rui Xi's surprisingly curved hip before dropping his head down further still.

AU of the scene where Quan gets drunk and kisses Rui Xi. Genderbendy, as Xiu Yi thinks Rui Xi is a boy.

Collapse )