December 4th, 2008

HOLIDAY: Santa Book

TW and the Hana Kimi Problem

See, i COULD be relaxing in my chair right now, watching Yamapi fuck up another time with another picture opportunity in Proposal Daisakusen, but I have found that i cannot concentrate on things like "plot" at this moment in time, as I spent ALL DAMN DAY rearranging my new (NEW? DID I MENTION THE NEW JOB? AS A FUCKING SPECIAL ED PRESCHOOL TEACHER? HAVE I MENTIONED THE UNCONTROLLABLE WEEPING THAT ONLY STOPS WHEN I THINK ABOUT MY SHINY NEW PAYCHECK?) classroom to pass insane standards about how many types of paint i have out and how close the reading center is to the block area.

So, instead, i am trying (again) to watch the tw version of Hana Kimi.

Now, with apologies to biases, i LOVE the jdrama version. And I love Sano. And I am very very fond of all the boys and Mizuki and have a crush on Nataksu, maybe, but i dont tell rinalin about that, because then she'd never let me talk about Sano. I LOVE YOU, RINNY!

Anyway, so the tw hana kimi does not equal the jdrama hana kimi. the tw follows the manga much more closely. And Ella looks..extremely boyish. And Im not a manga fan, and i had to skip the entire first chapter when i was reading it because I JUST COULDNT SEE HER HUMILIATE HERSELF LIKE THAT. And no, i dont care than Mizuki was an ink drawing, IM JUST NOT MADE OF THAT STERN OF STUFF. I have a very well honed embarrassment squick and HATE watching people do stuff that would make me cry if i did them, because i would die of sheer humiliation.

So, so far, ive gotten five minutes in, which, believe it or not, is better than the first time i tried to watch this show, and ive only had to pause it twice!

Moving on:

HELLOOO TW SANO. You arent as pretty as Oguri Shun, by my standards, but you are very very pretty. Of course, the face Ella is making at you right now is very tragic and makes me want to run away. Three pauses.

Pause count: four. I got through watching the whole "I like you!" scene by watching the subtitles through my fingers with only one headphone in. Also, does she ALWAYS walk like that? All...lumbering and weird?

10 minutes! Im so PROUD of myself. Also, tw Nakatsu has known tw Mizuki for less than five minutes and is already trying to get him/her to take off his/her pants. I FIND THIS IMPRESSIVE. Admittedly, within the first five minutes of the jdrama, Nakatsu had already groped Mizuki's boobs/chest, not..sure who's winning, here. LMAO LMAO FOREVER HE JUST DROPPED HIS OWN PANTS.

Pause count: Six. I know that it's in the manga, but Im going to have to shoot her because no one is allowed to be this stupid. Yes, of COURSE you and Sano are sharing a bed. Gah. GROW A BRAIN PLEASE.

Also, I feel the need to point out that those pants are tight enough to show off what she don't got, if you know what i mean. I think you will need to start stuffing your pants, girlie.

*cracks up* I can already tell that Nan's gay lover admirer is going to be a FAVORITE. His little bitchy foot stomp is ADORABLE.

OK OK I FIND HER ADORABLE GEEZE. All it took was for her to block the wind from sleeping boy. CUTE. Also, i really have to learn their tw names.

Cheesy running sequence=FABULOUS

Pause count: seven. HIS EYES ARE OPEN. THIS WOULD IMPLY THAT HE IS NOT ASLEEP. Perhaps you should learn the difference before talking about how handsome he is? TO HIS FACE? oh..well, he is asleep? DID YOU FORGET TO CLOSE YOUR EYES, BOY?

You know, i cant even imagine how that scene where she faints and Quan picks her up was filmed - "Ok, now grab her boob." "WHAT?" "GRAB HER BOOB. How else will you know she's a girl?" "Can't I fake it?" "No, we want a full on boob grab on national television. Go for it."

HOLY CRAP, she can hit.

I find myself, not so much distracted by the overacting, because it's a twdrama, and they kind of thrive on that, but on Ella's tragic unattractive overacting FACES. They hurt me. Physically. I am in pain every time she screws up her face in thought. MAKE HER STOP.

Ok fine. it's cute. ill watch more.

But tomorrow, Yamapi and fairies and time travel. Or I shall attempt. Maybe i should write my yuletide, huh? WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THAT?