Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Dear Yuletide Santa

Dear Yuletide Santa,

You're very brave. I want you to remember that. You're very brave, and look, you're so pretty! and funny! and smart!

I dont want insane things, i promise. I dont want anything too out there..although, it could be awfully fun...

But, overall:

I love gen. I do, I embrace it and squeeze it and pet it and braid its hair. I love things that FEEL like the characters. Plot, for me, is almost always secondary. I write because of the characters - i write to see how they react in different situations - to see them startled into a laugh or a blush, or to break down, folded over in half in the Weinerlicious break room with a hand over their mouth to keep anyone from hearing.

Screw the plot, give me CHARACTERS.

Thats not to say that I dont love plot, cause I do, but I also love character introspections and vingettes and strange twisted things that might break other people's brains right in half.

Its fun!

When I have to make an overall choice between het and slash, i almost always go for het. I like the boysex, i like the girlsex, but overall, i tend towards het pairings. So, iffen you want to work some vibes it, feel free, either direction. If you want to get a little more explicit, het is usually my way to go.

If you can make me believe the slash, then by all the little gods, give me the slash.

I love banter, and relationships, and people. But, and I have to say this in order to give you this freedom, NOT ALL OF MY SELECTED CHARACTERS NEED TO MAKE IT IN THE FIC. Mix and match. Add some other people in. Have some fun.

Captain Awesome cracks me up more than anyone ever. He makes me happy. John Casey, in his own psychotic way, makes me equally as happy. So, happy plus happy equals double plus good! Im not looking for anything slashy here - I just want to see them interact. If that's because Casey just moved in and Awesome is looking for a partner to go roller blading with, so be it. If its because Chuck gets kidnapped, or wont do a job without someone there to guard his family, thats more than ok too. Or pick something else, I dont care, I just want to see them deal with each other for a while.


Earth 2:
Oh, my long lost love. *clutches dvds* John Danziger, you are the grumbly hotness. And you love your True girl so very much that it makes me quite flaily. I would lovelovelove some backstory on John and Ellie, and what happened when John found out she was pregnant - after the accident, I mean. Baby!True would be great. Heck, Devon and Danziger snarking at each other while True rolls her eyes would be great!

Oh, yes please. And Im going to admit that Ive requested this the last two years, and have so far, gotten nowhere. I shall continue to request it til I get it, so please, no pressure. Dave is my favorite of the group - big and awkward and angry about it. and it isnt until he becomes Davor of the Axe that he really starts to relax into himself. I think he and Kimberly are PERFECT for each other. Id REALLY like one of two things: Id love to see more Davor, out in the Plains - whether Kim is there or not is up to you, but him thinking of her, or her of him, would be awesome. Id also love to see Kim and Dave, back on Earth, the only ones of the group who came home. Angst, sweetness, sex. Whatever, Im happy.

Circle of Magic:
Briar is my boy. I love him. I love his tattoos - the vines and the flowers - tattood on and now growing on their own under his skin. I would love a love story. Him and flowers, a girl, a street rat, his home, something. His bonsai loves him. Something about love.

I really am pretty easy to please. I know that Ill be obnoxiously happy about whatever you write, so no pressure. Hopefully, this helped some.
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