December 19th, 2007



Have I mentioned how amusing it is to me to be sitting here on the other side of the yuletide panic relaxing with my drink*?

Flailing is going on in my flist, and normally, id be right there with you. instead, im sitting here calmly avoiding anything that looks like it might help me finish my IEPs and sneakily reading TinMan fanfiction at work.

Does anyone else belong to the yuletide pinch hitters list - not only to see if there is anything that you can offer, but also to make sure that your own request doesnt end up there?

...just me?

*there are so many things wrong with the last part of this statement that its just funny. like, i dont have a drink, im too busy desperately trying to finish all my work paperwork before Friday. also, there is no (legal) alcohol in the village, and im not nearly crazy enough to try bucket brew