October 19th, 2007

STOCK: Sail Away

Dear Yuletide Santa

Dear Yuletide Santa,

You're very brave. I want you to remember that. You're very brave, and look, you're so pretty! and funny! and smart!

I dont want insane things, i promise. I dont want anything too out there..although, it could be awfully fun...

But, overall:

I love gen. I do, I embrace it and squeeze it and pet it and braid its hair. I love things that FEEL like the characters. Plot, for me, is almost always secondary. I write because of the characters - i write to see how they react in different situations - to see them startled into a laugh or a blush, or to break down, folded over in half in the Weinerlicious break room with a hand over their mouth to keep anyone from hearing.

Screw the plot, give me CHARACTERS.

Thats not to say that I dont love plot, cause I do, but I also love character introspections and vingettes and strange twisted things that might break other people's brains right in half.

Its fun!

When I have to make an overall choice between het and slash, i almost always go for het. I like the boysex, i like the girlsex, but overall, i tend towards het pairings. So, iffen you want to work some vibes it, feel free, either direction. If you want to get a little more explicit, het is usually my way to go.

If you can make me believe the slash, then by all the little gods, give me the slash.

I love banter, and relationships, and people. But, and I have to say this in order to give you this freedom, NOT ALL OF MY SELECTED CHARACTERS NEED TO MAKE IT IN THE FIC. Mix and match. Add some other people in. Have some fun.

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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Can't Tell a Verb From a Noun

So! Im here to talk to you about the current thing EATING MY BRAIN LIKE AN APPLE.


If i dont talk about it here, Ill be forced to go over and leave many many random comments all over thegranddewru's lj, and she probably doesnt want my ranting and squeeing all over her journal. it just gets so messy, you know.

So, for starters, no, its not out on dvd yet, but it comes out on November 20th, and Ive already pre ordered the special edition.

shut it, its awesome.

Its a musical! with dancing! and singing! and pretty long legged boys to perv on!

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