June 18th, 2007

ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

K! I! D! S!


Kids Incorporated on youtube!

..i had SUCH a crush on Ryan.

and speaking of Ryan...i cannot tell you how excited i am about the release of The Monster Squad on dvd.

Dude. my life is awesome.

now..if anybody knows where i can find some of the songs sung by the MMC group, "The Party," my nostalgia will be complete.

*uses Goonies icon just for fun*

ETA: Kids Incorporated website! with streaming radio!

ETAA: MP3s of "The Party!" WHOOOOOOOOO!! *downloads all and puts on repeat*

My name is Chase, the red headed ace on the dance floor.
No need to restore my rhyme, Im throwing down this time solo, so no need to follow.
Bust your moves, and Ill bust mine.
You ask me how Im doing, and Ill say fine.
Ok, Rodeo, Ill give you a chance,
Get on your feet and hit the beat and let's dance!