June 10th, 2007

ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

The Wonderful Thing about Tigger

i am about to do something completely insane.

Im about to pack up the Little Dark Lord, all of my stuff, all of his
stuff (much more of his stuff than mine), load us both onto a plane
and fly to Georgia.

from Alaska.


i probably wouldnt be all that stressed, only the brandus isnt coming
with us. he's jaunting off to a different part of Alaska for two
weeks to write curriculum involving whales. plus, the evil one got
his first vaccanations on Friday, and he has not been happy.

by the way, if you're a doctor's office and you tell us to call if
he's running a fever of 100.4 or above, and i call and tell you that
his temp is 100.0 taken underarm, which is usually a degree below,
then you can all GO TO HELL for sending the message to the nurse who
ISNT THERE, causing us to wait around for TWO HOURS while my kid is
hurting. just saying.

he's doing much better now, but for several hours the Dark Lord would
not deign to be placed anywhere but on a warm breathing body. and
hold him. with both hands. nooooo! not like thaaat! and stop

it was rather traumatic for all three of us.

anyway, evidentally, i missed some big kurfluffle over journal
deletions, ive been reading Buffy, Season 8, have been skimming the
flists, and have done nothing fandomy since forever. bleh.

also, my 7 week old can roll over. halp.

also, also, he is not amused.