April 2nd, 2007

ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh


No time to talk.

- 4 days left of work. at least 10 days of work LEFT TO GET DONE.

- 4 days left until i go to anchorage. havent packed. no clue what to pack.

- 4 weeks left before Lord Voldemort the Younger arrives.

- remixredux not done yet. will start panicking over it as soon as i finish panicking over everything else.

-apocalyptothon now taking sign ups. please to sign up for me?

- i want to make out with one person's request about Tia Dalma.

- i want to see an Inside fic where Web insists the team do one of those stupid team building seminars with dumb trust games. and then leaves them there. and Mel chainsmoking in irritation. and Daddy hoisting Rebecca onto his shoulders. Dont ask me, i dont know.

- im going to be very very late getting back from my lunch break, and i cant bring myself to care.