March 4th, 2007

THEATER: Wicked Witch



*clings tightly to flist*

tell me everything. how are you? where are you? have you written me fic?

you're computer dies and leaves you no lj access with evil evil school servers blocking it and everything goes by and there is no way on earth i shall ever ever catch up. i missed saying goodluck and goodtrip to magelette and she's in NZ now! i missed everybody! everything! i just spent the last hour and a half greedily reading lightgetsin's Vorkosigan fic and it ISNT FINISHED AND I WANT MORE.

the worst part of this is that my computer has been sitting in the DHL office since last FRIDAY, but they cant deliver to the far edge of bumble, and i couldnt make it back to Anchorage on a day they were open. matter of fact, im not even on it NOW. its still at DHL until tomorrow! I WANT MY COMPUTER. I WANT MY LIFE BACK. *sobs and clings*

i have so much to do!

finish and post my Earth 2 ficathon story, read through my remixer's lj, which i HAVENT BEEN ABLE TO DO BECAUSE ITS ON LJ AND SCHOOL SERVERS HATE LJ, pick a fic to remix, remix it, move to Anchorage, have a baby, vid the freaking Jayne vid that I seem to have already mostly constructed in my head, figure out what the heck to do with the three cats for the summer, post pics from Kotlik and potlatch and aberdeen's first dance where she howled, and...and...stuff!


its amazing what you CANT get done with you dont have your own computer. geeze.