September 7th, 2006

ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Shame? I Have No Shame!

So, here is a place to admit to those deep, dark, embarassing fic requests.

You know. The really silly ones. The mary sues. The completely implausible ones. And you can do it ANONYMOUSLY.



So! In absolutely no order, things I would dearly love to see written. Regardless of insanity or implausibilty or groan inducements. I WANT IT.

- Road to Avonlea/Newsies crossover. Specifically, i want the end of "Friends and Relations" to be rewritten to Gus suddenly realizing that he knows where they are, and leads them to a small house, and there? is Jack or Spot or Blink or Race or all of them, all at the same time, and Gus was a Newsie! and the Kings and Felicity are suddenly looking at Gus like they no longer know him, and Felicity is thinking, "OMGHOT."

That is what i wish.

Actually, the number of crossovers I wish to see with Road to Avonlea is startling. Please add Pirates to that list. As well as Harry Potter.

Im weird, I know.

-Road to Avonlea, seeing as we're talking about it. Where the last season didnt exist, but instead, Felicity is at that picnic, and whatshisname is trying to make his move, but then she hears a fiddle. and its GUS! and he's ALIVE! and he is limping, and has a crutch, and there was an explosion, and he DID lose his memory, but he can SEE! and he's BACK! AND THEN THEY ARE RIDICULOUSLY IN LOVE AND THEN THERE IS A WEDDING AND THEN THERE IS SEX!

-I still want a Firefly/The Young Riders crossover. Seriously, y'all.

-kid!fic. and no, im not talking about Kid from Young Riders...although, omg, little teeny Kid would MAKE ME SO HAPPY OMG. but, fics where characters get kiddie-ized, and someone else has to take care of them. And yes, i know you know this, and a couple of you wrote it for me (and omg thank you *heart*), but i want MORE. with Firefly and mini!Jayne or mini!River, or, omg, how cute would mini!Kaylee be? OR! LITTLE TEENY SAWYER! ON THE ISLAND! WITH PETEY! PICK SOMEONE AND MAKE THEM LITTLE!!

-Firefly: The Flying Tams. Please, have the Tams join the circus. For me? oh, literarylemming! Where ARE you?! *bats lashes*

-The Inside: Danny Love. Giving Rebecca a kitten. NO I DONT KNOW WHY.

-Bones/Angel crossover. I dont think i explained this well enough last time. See, Angel is Booth's codename while he was in the special forces. His team was Buffy and Spike and Oz and Illyria and whoever. Things went bad, and the team split under bad circumstances. Now? One of them is back, and needing Booth's help! Now! His two lives collide!


-Joan of Arcadia: The End of it all. Ryan won, or..there is a war, and the Subdefectives are on the front line. And Joan is fighting, and they know they are about to be overrun, and then, there is CuteGod, with his hand on her shoulder. "Time to go, Joan." And the others are staring, and Joan is crying and refusing, and then he hugs her, and just..holds her. And then its over. And she's gone, and Adam is standing there with tears in his eyes, and Lily's eyes are wide, because she KNOWS, and Helen suspects, and...and...*flail*

-Buffy the Vampire Slayer: OZ. And can i say that again? OZ! Teeny!Oz! Wolfy!Oz! Deep!Oz! OZ!! Oz, trapped in the suburbs, and somewhere between amused and horrified.

-POTC: Tia Dalma/Davy Jones. As twisted and weird as humanly POSSIBLE.

-THE DREAD PIRATE DANNY LOVE!! rinalin!! RINNY!! I NEEEEED YOU!! *beams innocently*

Oh, this isnt all of them. But..its all that i can remember right now. WRITE THEM WRITE THEM, YES YOU WILL! *beams*

ALSO. I wish to play the Five Things meme going around. Pick a topic. Pick one of my fandoms (Firefly, Lost, Avonlea, The Inside, Star Wars, man, i dont care, just pick something and ill give it a try. Also, BOOKS! Bujold! Fionavar!), or something in real life, whatever, and then a five things you want to know..."Five times River tried to kill Jayne," "Five times alia fell out of bed," whatever.

Leave me a comment with what you want, and i shall post it later in another post!