June 23rd, 2006

MOVIE: Im a Sofa

Ways to Waste Your Time

I have spent entirely too long watching all 15 parts of The Jim and Pam Story, which is basically all the Jim/Pam clips from both seasons of The Office. I dont watch The Office, because Michael makes me homicidal, so this was a wonderful way to keep up with the good stuff.

if anyone knows how to download off of youtube, so i can rewatch them over and over without them having to load EVERY SINGLE TIME, please to let me know.

And then, in a sweeping move, i went to The Pit, and have been rereading Neuropsych's Stargate SG1 series Good Morning, Campers!, which means you may never see me EVER AGAIN, as it is long and involved, and then there are many many sequels...

i cant stop reading them. the first ones arent even my favorites, but once Ian is introduced, i seem to loose my head entirely, and KEEP GOING. and they are SO LONG. and they are silly and fun and a fabulous waste of time.

Looking for something a bit different? Tom Riddle's Magical Diary is both fascinating and freaky. did i mention freaky?

Best Homemade Lightsaber Duel Ever. Just what it says. Ive rewatched this several times, and i kinda have a crush on Michael the Dorkman.

For Dance geeks like me, Im sure you've all seen the Hogwarts Dance Team, but have you seen The Pirates of the Caribbean Dance Competition? Featuring Captain Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann. and a very very small pirate who owns my heart.

This? As a news story? WINS AT THE UNIVERSE. it makes me GIDDY, it makes me so happy.

And, just because ive been watching it on constant repeat for the past three days, a Joan of Arcadia vid. Big Red Boat, which is just..awesome. it hits alot of the Gods, Joan's manic jumping from one thing to another, and the wonderfulness that is Adam and Jane. it makes me happy.

And if someone has that song on mp3 somewhere and wants to send it to me, i will love you forever.