June 2nd, 2006

ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

The End of the World. Again.

ive been browsing happily through the entries to the apocalyptothon ficathon, and while there are many good stories (and there will be recs at minionsficrecs later)..most people tend to destroy the same worlds over and over again.

and yeah, lots of times the fandom itself very much lends itself to world ending..like Lost and Harry Potter. And Ive read a couple REALLY GOOD Firefly apocalypses..

but where is the Joan of Arcadia? The only story i can think of AT ALL is Yatzee's Goodbye Moon, which is both amazing and heartbreaking. and ill stick a link up there when i get home and can find it. But..come on! Season 2 left a perfect set up for the end of the world! Ryan is EVIL and the only people he has fighting him are the subdefectives!

Where's Sky High? With baby super heroes watching the world fall down? Layla trying to grow things in a scorched earth situation..*wants*

Where's the Bones? With the Squints trying desperately to figure out how the first people died? with all of them locked into the building, because the contamination alarms went off and the doors locked?

..Anybody else up for destroying a world or two for me? *winsome smile*