March 29th, 2006

ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Firefly Ficlet: Shameless

Prompt: Shame
Author: alianora

Simon was face down on the table when Mal walked in. Mal stared at
the man for a second, but he didnt move.

"Uh, Doc, you ok?"

Simon lifted his head, looked straight at Mal, and very deliberately
shook his head.

"Um, ok," Mal nodded. "So, why arent you ok?"

"The man has no shame," the doctor muttered into the table.

"What man, exactly?"

"Jayne." Simon lifted his head to rub his eyes. "He just waltzed in

Mal's lip curled in disgust. "Ew, that just ain't right."

"No, not really." Simon put his head back down. "It would have been
gross, but survivable, but River and Kaylee were both in here when it

Mal looked around. "Well, where are they now?"

"Watching Jayne shower."