March 15th, 2006

ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Skin and


was fabulous, and not jsut because of the addition of Adam Baldwin to tonight's cast. Yum. but i actually enjoyed the storyline, and without spoiling anything, the Foreigner part had me laughing my ass off and having Angel flashbacks.

i taped it, and will be rewatching.

In related Bones news, somehow off of labnotes, episode 11, The Woman in the Car, didnt download completely last week. If anyone has it (not torrent!), and wouldnt mind sending it, uploading it, emailing it, something, i would massively appreciate it. I dont want to watch episode 12, The Superhero in the Alley, until i managed to get my hands on it. currently, i have one through ten downloaded, and plan to have them ALL until it comes out on dvd.

also, having 32 sudden additional icons is giving me fits of pleasure. i can upload things! that i had to delete!


So, if you got some loyalty icons too, upload some sweet things:

Comment and credit, should you take.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Commander, Permission to Bitch

Actually, i was going to complain, but then i got bored. but im keeping the subject line because it makes me laugh.

so, instead, im going to talk about fic reading.

See, ive come to the conclusion that i am a freak when it comes to fic reading.

not that this should surprise you.

but, in chatting with sirkpega and rinalin, i have discovered that my tolerance for general fic stupidity is much lower than other peoples.

for example, i can read ANYTHING, ANY PAIRING, in any of my fandoms, so long as it is well written.

Please reread that last bit.


now, this doesnt mean i go looking for stuff, but if i happen to come across a really awesome Snape/Percy, or other really weird pairing, and it WORKS in context, ill read it and probably enjoy it.

but, it has to make sense, it has to have plot (i cant read PWP for random characters that i have no idea how they would even encounter each other), and it has to be well written.

it doesnt have to be perfect, but it has to be GOOD.

others, i have discovered, have the ability to read ANYTHING, so long as it involves their primary ship.

ANYTHING. even the dreck.

like, at one point, when i was going through a Pitch Black fic era (i wander in and out), krispy sent me a link to a Riddick/Jack story that she was reading and enjoying.

I got to the second chapter, at which point Jack got in the shower to wash her long, luxurious hair (TM) and then started singing an Evenescene song and i was forced to stab my eyes out.

and this isnt an isolated incident.

I cant do it. even if its my very very favorite ship of the moment, if its badly written, im lunging for the back button.

so, my question for you, my lovely flist, is:

Is your tolerance for badfic increased based on preferred ship?
Can you only read fic if it features a certain ship?

Anything else you want to throw in about fic reading habits, please feel free.