March 2nd, 2006

ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Litany of Complaints

Oh, look, a list.

Why Today is Sucky - by alianora, Empress of Grouch buyer is a big whiny baby
-the post office RETURNED IT
-dont blame me for the fact you didnt borrow someone elses book
-or, you know, there is the LIBRARY
-ill show you where you can shove your midterms

-discussion questions for tomorrow and Serenity not done or emailed
-unsure whether my beloved sirkpega is going to make it to Serenity

-every single clothing item i own is dirty
-have no quarters to solve this
-have no money for GoF
-missed Gilmore Girls
-missed Lost
-new tattoo is itchy
-camera still on fritz, so no pics of new tat
-hot chocolate was supposed to be hazelnut - is amaretto
-dont LIKE amaretto
-not enough angry music on personalized yahoo station

i need massive amounts of porn STAT. i even reread the porn i wrote for literarylemming last night in AIM, which was threesome (Jayne/River/Birdy - dont think too hard about the combo - your brain might explode) and hot - but it didnt help.


*imagines feeding buyer to lots of very small sharks*