February 23rd, 2006

ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Things I Never Wrote (But Several I Really Should)

In the Give Me a Title and Ill Tell You What Its About meme, i got some great title suggestions. Titles are still welcome, cause this is a cool fun meme!


The Future Freaks Me Out - Mal/River
Jagged River pov, with future and past and present getting mixed up. And Mal dies and lives and kisses River, but doesnt. And she can't tell which is what, and so she kisses him, in the now, just to know. And he tastes different than he did the last (next) time, and she doesnt understand, and he doesnt understand, and he kisses Inara and Kaylee, and River doesnt know which is real and which are just possiblities.


A Masterpiece by Midnight - River, Book
Book is up late one night, reading or wandering or praying, or some combo of all of the above, near the beginning of the show. He likes the night, likes the quiet. it reminds him of the abbey. River is dancing in the cargo bay, barefoot and in the gloom, she looks otherworldly. She quotes parts of the Song of Solomon to him, which makes him uncomfortable. she smiles, teeth glowing in the dim light, and blows him a kiss before disappearing.

Breaking from the Mold - Wash/Zoe
Wash sees Zoe as something other than the Warrior Woman. He comes upon her in the kitchen late at night, and she's in something a little slinky to sleep in, and she's barefoot and singing to herself as she makes tea. And he is captivated by this totally different woman. Short and sweet.

Lonely No More - Inara, River
Inara leads a lonely life, always slightly on the outside of the rest of the crew. She holds herself seperate, to a point, part of it is training, and part of it is just feeling like she doesnt belong. River seeks Inara out, partially to learn more about how to be a lady, as she left home at a strange time, and River wants to be a girl. But also because Inara doesnt fit, and neither does River. Non shippy.

The Emotional Education of Jayne Cobb - River/Jayne
I cant help but picture this one as a Victorian AU. With River the daughter of a rich man, and Jayne as the hired hand of the man her father wants her to marry (that would be Mal, for those of you who missed that). They keep running into each other, because River is avoiding Mal, and Jayne is wandering the grounds, and they just clash and annoy each other. and she hates him, and he hates her, and they fight and snipe. i have no idea how to resolve this.


How River and Jayne Got Into the Guiness Book of Records for Sex - Jayne/River
Humor. Jayne and River seperately try to explain to Mal why they got arrested for public indecency and lewd conduct, when they weren't actually having sex. She bent down, and got her hair caught in his fly, he had to take his pants off, her dress got ripped on the shoulder and fell down to her waist, and the next thing they knew, they were in jail! and she's wearing his shirt, and jayne's fly is down, and Mal is just..stunned. *giggles hysterically*


Seven Stones to Keep the Devil at Bay - Book
Book and how the crew reminds him of his purpose as a Shepherd. A hard look at the crew, and how each of them (except Mal), inspires Book in some way. Inara, the whore, who he should condemn, is the closest to him, and helps keep him remembering why he is on Serenity. River is the broken innocent, Simon is faith, Kaylee is hope, and Jayne is base instinct. Zoe is loyalty. Mal isnt one of the stones that support Book, but he is an important part all the same.

One Pilgrimage Per Lifetime - Charlie, Lost
Charlie used to be a good Catholic boy. His luck ran out a long time ago. He fell, but cant figure out how to get back to where he was, when he believed that he was something better. Claire was supposed to be his redemption. Angst.

I have one more, but no ideas for it yet. so ill will be posted later!

and please, keep giving me titles.