January 11th, 2006

ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Three More Til Thirty!

HELLO IT IS MY BIRTHDAY! *buries flist in confetti*

i am having a LOVELY day, complete with good wishes and contact from friends and family! and Rinny wrote me Rayne fic from a prompt of "cake" and its the most fabulous thing ever and she better actually post it!

AND! Tonight, in celebration of the natal day, i shall post teasers of the fic that has EATEN MY BRAIN! My nutty AU take on Ariel!

that is, if my husband doesnt insist on spending money we dont have to WHISK me away to an exotic location! like Olive Garden! or hell, Chuckie Cheese! its been forever since we've gone out to eat!

But the important thing is:

ITS MY BIRTHDAY! *twirls you all*