December 8th, 2005

ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Yuletide, Yuletide

ok, so in between the Fic That Has Eaten My Brain, Carnival, Charlie's next letter, and my freedom_is_what episodes, i managed to come up with a plot for my yuletide fic.

and have even written most of it.

today. at work. shut up.

Now, here is the problem. for the FTHEMB (currently called "that weird ariel au"), carnival and charlie's letter, i have literarylemming for help, support, and random beta'ing as needed.

for my ep, i have rinalin, michmak, and a producer to keep me on track.

how the heck do i find something to beta my yuletide? especially as we arent supposed to reveal who or what fandom?

so, if anyone is familer with the movie, __________, most especially the character of ______, and the time where she is _____ on the floor of the ________, please get in touch with me! i need you to beta my yuletide fic!