October 3rd, 2005

ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Buffy/Angelverse drabble: Came Back Wrong

Um. this is all literarylemming's fault. yes. again.

see, she recently joined the rayne_shippers, where upon i pounced and we joked about our weird kinks in shipping.

and then..and then, she says:

What next? A vampire from the pits of hell falling in love with a clove of garlic?



"What the hell are you protecting in there, Spike? You've been holed up in Angel's office for the past week and a half!"

"Nothing! Nothing!" Spike babbles as he shuts the door in Harmony's face.

"Hey!" Harmony stomped one perfectly pedicured foot, then smashed the door in. She stopped to check and make sure she hadnt broken a nail, but charged straight through the formerly solid door.

"Ew!" She gagged. "What is that SMELL?"

Spike looked terrified, caught on the couch with..with...NO!

"You have a problem. This is just...SICK." She shuddered and backed away towards the door. Former door. Currently splinters.

"Can't help it," Spike muttered. I think I got brought back wrong!" He leapted off the couch, and grabbed her shoulders. "Don't tell Angel!"

"Let go!" Harmony panicked. "It might be catching!" She edged away from him again. "Stay in here! Dont come out! Im going to go get help!"

Spike clutched his almost empty bag of Garlic and Chedder Cheezits, and wondered where he could hide.



i need my brain back from fandom please!