October 2nd, 2005

ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

A Leaf on the Wind

Hi! This is a Serenity post! Those of you who are starting to twitch at the mention of the movie/fandom, turn away now.

The rest of you, spoilers are under the cut.

To start with, i was randomly giddy all Friday. Brandus was calling every hour with a countdown. I was humming Jayne's song. I tried to convert my boss.

we met sirkpega in Denver. and, after the movie, couldnt get up. it was THAT POWERFUL. then, we sent Brandus home, and krispy and i turned right around and went back in.

Yep, twice in a row. and im seeing it again this week. booyah.

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ok. its...late, and i still havent said everything i want to say just yet.

but im going to bed.

Go. See Serenity. Watch Firefly. Support the Independents.

Cant stop the signal.