September 5th, 2005

ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

BatShit Insane

the final R Tam session has been released. *glee*

its..Sesson 416. before the tracheotomy. *dances in evil joy*

also, i have been spending my labor day full of tv! spike tv has been playing nothing but CSI: Los Vegas all day long, and ive been stuck. really, there is barely a break between one ep and the next, and ive been unable to get up for anything longer than a potty break.

plus, they arent saying it, but this is actually LOST CSI day.

so far, Boone has been a street racer bound to get revenge for his mom's death. which made me dance and made peteytheorchid hungry.

that was good enough.

but THEN, the very next episode, Sawyer is a valet! and he has bad hair and looks like a redneck! *dances*

so, now i am waiting for Dom to show up. no, he never did an ep of CSI that i know of, but seeing as it seems to be the day when everyone is going to show up on csi, i figure my chances are pretty good.

*waits patiently*
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh


i am proud (and a little terrified) to report that peteytheorchid has decided to come out of retirement!

he has been sulking since last years season finale of Lost, where all the good stuff happened in the water. Petey, sadly, is not aquatic.

now, Petey has been subsisting on nothing but small mammals and memories of Boone, so he is HUNGRY.

his minions, should you not wish to sacrifice yourselves, should offer options, if you catch my drift.

offer some options, and you shall be rewarded with drabbles of His Leafiness, himself.