October 21st, 2004

ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh


I have not posted in a while. shame on me.

things i need to do sometime soon:

-update roswellficrecs with anything.
-email sirkpega to make sure she is alive.
-discuss Gilmore Girls, Luke, and the upcoming bad things. and Pippi Longstocking. and why new blond boy is just another Tristan.
-write gilmore girls fic (Seven Weeks of Mondays, Chuppah fic, Lindsey fic, Moving in fic)
-update silverspiral.net with already written things (Sweat, Shaking in her Shoes, Looking for Lucinda)
-discuss my feelings about Lost.
-discuss Joan of Arcadia and my deep abiding love for Grace. and my hopes for Punk!Nun and Kevin.
-rant about the relationships in movies about people with special needs. and why i refuse to watch "Radio."
-make icons. of anything. roswell might be nice. as could gilmore girls.
-write Roswell fic where Michael takes his pants off, and see if i can actually write porn.
-create a plot for my nanowrimo story. not to mention characters. and an outline.

hey, speaking of gg, who wants to transcribe the whole Luke rant on Rory and Pippi and Lorelai's response for me? i have a theory, but i have forgotten parts of what happened. mainly because i watched the whole date sequence through my fingers. Bop it? WTF?

anyway, i will get to some of this list..later. *waves hand vaguely*
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Crossover Hell

Dude, Lost is so fucking with my head.

ok, so Tess is there from Roswell..and i want to know why she is faking that accent. and then Charlie from Party of Five, who hasnt shown his alcoholic side yet, and Mercutio from Romeo and Juliet, and you SO KNOW he wants some of the Hobbit's heroin, and where did you get that and the stilts, Little Man? and dude, isnt that Gavin from Wolfram and Hart? no wonder i think you are evil!

seriously, knock it off! FUCKING WITH MY HEAD

however, i dove this show. im not head over heels, but the seduction is ongoing with the pretty and the sweet hobbitses flirting with a very very pregnant Tess, and dude, is Kyle and Max and the Sheriff gonna be pissed when you show up with an austrailian accent and a baby daddy who is a cute goofy hobbit who i want to hear sing, instead of the leader of the alien race. shame on you, you hussy! (hee! hussy! i made a funny!)

ok, moving on. i missed the first half last night because brandus forced me into a nap and i overslept. and it sounds like i missed some seriously cute Charlie/Claire scene, which makes me A) sad for missing and B) squee for the cuteness.

im so into Charlie and Claire. i love Charlie. which is kind of funny, because i fought the hobbit love for a long long time, and between this and lalejandra's tea!verse, i find myself reading Dom/Billy RPS, which is something i swore i would never do. *cries*

so, the planet is bringing people back to life? or something? cause Locke (who i now adore, but through a creepy creepy poke with a stick filter) and his socks, Claire's baby (or was that the magic sushi?), Jack's dad, Shannon at all?

i like Shannon, she is a bitch. but i hated her for messing with my Charlie last week. but how cute were Hurley and Charlie when they were fishing and falling in the water and all kinds of wet? hee!

i have all kinds of issues with Jin and Sun's relationship. i keep thinking she was a mail order bride or something, which might explain the fucked up dynamic going on there.

ok, ive totally lost my train of thought. im watching the PBS special on Broadway. and its wonderful!!