August 13th, 2004

ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh


I just sent out massive number of emails for my wedding pics at ofoto. and THEN i realized that my ex's email was in there. oops!

and if anybody honestly wants to wade through 800 pics, drop me your email and ill send you the link.

on day, i hope to have my favorites online using Bree's nifty template, but i havent gotten very far with those yet.

hey i put the thumbnails in the same directory as the pics? dumb question, im sure, but with me, you never know what can go wrong.
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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

My Minion!

Krispy has an lj! Krispy has an lj!!


i tried to get her to chose minion_of_alia as her username, but she declined. damnit. she said she would if i changed mine to minion_of_krispy, but im quite content as aliaspiral. even though i wish it was alianora. cause thats easier for me. but im lazy.

anyway, she is sirkpega, go say hi!

she is a roswellian, and we share way too many xmen movies, star wars, vin diesel, pitch black, fanfiction...

go welcome her! she is also going to be the co-mod of roswellficrecs, cause i want her to be. whee!

another time sucking hobby for you, babe!
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