June 7th, 2004

ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Reception- ism

I have so many other things i should be doing. like planning for my class tomorrow, or writing the Thank You Notes from Hell, or even doing something mildly fun, like finding something to eat. i think there is cereal, and thats about it.

damn, theres that scurvy problem again.

anyway, to recap: ceremony, small children everywhere, laughter at shoes, bees, buddhism, married. YAY!

moving on.

the reception!

oh no..wait, first the billions of pics of Senor and I together. as well as the whole family, the whole bridal party, a recreation of the ceremony with strategic positioning of all involved to fit them in...

anyway, we went in, danced first dance (A Kiss to Build a Dream On, Armstrong), did Daddy/Daughter first dance (im blanking...completely. Damnit!), cut cakes (yum), and toasted. i dont drink wine, and no one remembered to get me the sparkling fake stuff i asked for, so the toast? had several faces involved. all saying eww.

then? PARTY!

im told the food was fabulous, i know the band was.

we did the obligitory cheese. Brick House, the Electric Slide..and yes, i was. in my wedding dress. with all my bridesmaids and my mother. until my bustle started snapping buttons off the back of my dress. i think i lost about 5 buttons total. we kept having to re-bustle the damn thing so i wouldnt step on it. and neither would anyone else.

saw several people i hadnt seen in years, who i wouldve liked to spoken to much longer, but i kept having to hug people i didnt know. i didnt know that i was capable of saying "thank you thank you thank you so much for coming it means so much to me yes everything is beautiful god i will pay you to get me a roast beef sandwich" all in one breath before. now i know.

and i kept having to stop whatever i was doing, because people kept wanting to see my shoes!

i didnt think it was that big a deal to wear sneakers under your wedding dress. hell, it happened in Father of the Bride. of course, people were also fascinated with the bridesmaids wearing flipflops, but that was only for the reception.

anyway, much party, lots talking, lots of hugging (i think i hugged at least half the population of california, which is odd, cause i got married in georgia).

presented bouquet to my friend K'Elise, cause she is getting married soon, and i didnt feel like tossing it.

ran, got rose petals tossed at us, got very hugged by my very drunk cousin Philip, crawled into a limo, released the balloons crammed inside so we could fucking SEE, and then took the large amount of bobby pins out of my head, which had no noticable affect on my hairstyle.

natalie predicted that we would be asleep before the limo was on the highway, but i would like to say that we were awake all the way to atlanta.

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