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That Icon Meme

There is this nifty icon meme wandering around that says something along the lines of:  comment, and Ill pick seven of your icons.  Post and tell me who, what, when, where and why.  And all that.

So, comment.

I managed to accidentally get three people to pick for me, but i love my icons, so i love showing them off!

for teffy, musesfool and carrieh, i bring you ICONS!

CHUCK: Hubba Hubba

Chuck is SO my new favorite show.  Its hilarious and goofy and wonderfully fun.  This?  This is Chuck.  Trying to look hot.


I love the coloring in this icon.  Angela looks lovely.  And Hodgins is watching her.  This was an icon from before Hodgins and Angela got together, and that just makes me love them more. 

DISNEY: No Llamas

Save the drama for your llama.  Llamas amuse me.

Firefly: Try Not to Steal

The Serenity gag reel+Nathan=hilarious.  "Jayne!  Try not to steal too much of their shit!"

MOVIE: I'm a Sofa

My single most favoritest moment in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  Although the yarn doll puking is also pretty awesome.  Gotta love that Improbability Drive.

DISNEY:  Carry the Banner!

NEWSIES!  *girly squeal*  They're boys!  and they are singing and dancing!  Sometimes in their underwear!  Sadly, I have yet to find a Spot Conlon icon that i truly love. 

INSIDE: Wibble Face

The Inside was another Fox casualty that way too few people have seen.  Tim Minear plus Adam Baldwin plus crazy serial killers equals fun and mayhem!  This particular episode, they had been listening to tapes of calls to the suicide hotline all night.  You'd get a little wibbly too!

ROSWELL: Curve of Your Throat

Ah, roswell.  My sweet darling very first real fandom.  And look!  its Majandra Delfino's neck!  This is one of my first icons that I made.  And still one Im more than a little proud of.  I love how the checkerboard pattern behind her worked.

MOVIE: Sugar in Bed

That would be Brenden Fehr all stretched out half naked and lovely, in a gayboy indie movie called Sugar.  The movie itself isnt great, but hey, there is boykissing, boysex (although its..a little squicky for me - kinda noncon), and Brenden does his best acting ive ever seen.  And then there is Sara Polley as Pregnant Girl.  Another one made by me - but exclusively for myself and sirkpega who loves Bren more than I do!

LOST: Petey is Hungry

*cackles*  PETEY.  Oh, Petey, how Ive missed you.  Petey is a giant, man-eating orchid who lives on the island of Lost.  He is totally my fault, because my brain is on crack.  You can read much much more about Petey over at peteytheorchid.  All the stories and drabbles are linked in that last post, i believe.

And it makes him look so innocent.

MOVIE:  Hi Grandma and Grandpa!

So, many moons ago, there was a movie called Weird Science.  Where two nerds decide to build their own woman out of a barbie doll and some lightning.  She comes to life, makes their lives very strange, throws a party, and freezes their grandparents and hides them in the closet.


STOCK: StampStampStamp

I love rubber stamps.  LOVELOVELOVE.

SW: Sexlexia

Futurama plus Star Wars equals funny.

SW: Han Watched Her Walk

Long ago, when i actually belonged to icon challange comms, i saw this icon posted in a competition and said OMGILOVEITIWANTITCANIHAVEIT?  the poor startled maker said, umm..ok.  several months later, i started chatting with ishie and asked myself, why the hell do i know her name? 

i love the feeling here. somehow to me, its kinda..wistful and hot, all at the same time.

LOST: Charlie's Guitar

I made this one - I love the cropping, and i think the coloring is pretty good.  I wanted a Charlie icon that didnt focus so much on Charlie being DOM.

PB: Kick Ass Together

Pitch Black - Riddick and Kira.  Who I will ship as much as I want, thank you.  And they are both DEADLY!

HP: Dreaming of Dragons

A while ago, literarylemming wrote a story where Bill and Fleur get married, and there were teeny tiny hints of Charlie/Gabrielle shipping.  No, we DONT care about the age difference.  Somehow, the teeny hints turned into some <a href="">fics</a>, and a small comm, where we infected OTHER people with this ship:  pendragontales.

Dreaming of Dragons because, in our world, Gabrielle is obsessed with them.  And therefore with Charlie.  It just makes so much SENSE!

10THINGS: Tamborine

Ten Things I Hate About You.  One of my best teen movies ever.  I love the cropping here.  "Tamborine" because she tells him he cant just buy her an guitar everytime he makes her mad.


Mirrormask!  I love this movie!  I love Valentine!  I love unValentine!  This is a very dreamy strange movie, and he really would make a TERRIBLE waiter.

There!  Plus, I wanted to ask,  who else has to use their icons in a specific order?  I go in reverse alphabetical order for all comments and posts.  Rarely will I skip out of this to use an icon specifically, unless Im posting fic in that fandom.

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