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Firefly Ficlet: Nu Shu (Woman's Writing)

Title: Nu Shu (Woman's Writing)
Author: alianora
Rating: PG
"Thief!" she had accused, eyes flashing and mouth pursed in disapproval.

She left him standing, shocked and embarrassed, in the middle of a street market.

It wasn't unknown for a lady from the high city to make her way down to the market, but it was unusual, so he hadn't been prepared.

She had appeared out of nowhere, all lace and fine airs, and when Simon bent to retrieve her dropped handbag, he had found himself freezing in shock.

"Thief!" she had accused, eyes flashing and mouth pursed in disapproval.

"Offal!" She declared, and "Ruffian!"

The crew looked on with mixed reactions. Kaylee was horrified that anyone could speak like that to Simon. Jayne was openly grinning. River was crying.

She swept away as quickly as she had appeared, with Simon standing pale and his actions undefended. He never spoke a word the whole encounter.

"I'm sorry," River called to him, tears falling down her face. "I didn't know."

Simon finally moved, his face set and his fists closed. He turned to make his way back to the group mechanically.

Kaylee tried to reassure him. Mal tried to joke it off with a smirk and.

Simon just stood, mouth set in a grim line.

Slowly, he opened his hand.

A small silk bag sat inside, an elegant knot holding it closed.

Simon touched the bag gently, his formerly smooth fingers catching on the delicate material. Inside, a credit chip, unmarked, and a thin roll of parchment, sealed closed.

Wordlessly, he handed the credit chip to the captain and turned away, the parchment clasped to his chest.

"I don't understand," Kaylee said. "Who was she?"

Simon's voice was rusty when he answered. He didn't meet her eyes. "My fiancée. Isadore."



OOoh, wow. So there's more to this, right? Because that's a horrible place to end it. But damn, that packed a punch...
*grins evilly* nope, thats the whole thing!

And thank you! I wrote 4 different versions of the thing that were all just too talky! i finally just got rid of as much as possible. i wanted that punch.
I second that, very much a punch.

And I know you aren't planning it, but.. more? please?

How much money? What will Simon do with it? What does the note say? Will he find a way to thank her?
Now now, if i answered all the questions this leaves, it wouldnt be any fun at all, now would it? *smirks* and the punch came through? much more than the other version?
OH yes. The end of the other version was so... rickety. This just packs a wallop.



but... I MUST know. I must know how Simon deals with the reminder of this love returned. I just... MUST.
Must you? *raised eyebrow*

and what's in it for me, huh?

*evil grin*
Ooo. First I was a bit confused but after I got to the end it was like "oh hey!" so I read it again. Still, not completely sure what it all meant but that's cool. It's like I am one of the crew watching it and going "what the...?"

it's sharp, clean and leaves a person saying, "Whoa."
hee! and thank you!

..and, she slipped him the bag with money and a letter, but couldnt be seen with him openly, if that helps
Oh that does. I wasn't sure if it was that or if she just really wanted to be hateful to him.
ow. OW. That was such a nasty ending there.

Is there more? I'll write you more Riverspeak fics if there is. :D

why yes, I'm bribing you...
um..no..not at this moment, there is no more, but...*looks longingly at Riverspeak* um..ill see what I can do.

*catches you*

I may have an idea for Riverspeak. first person psychotic Riverspeak, of course. Most likely during the R. Tam Sessions, so you would have even more of that kind of fic. :D
Riverspeak R Tams fic? *spins* where do I sign up?

well, today involved a lot of driving back and forth, so nothing was written today. but I do have a germ of an idea involving some of the training sessions. so we'd have training on crack. :D

*hands over sign up sheet* Sign away your soul right here.
That is one EVIL ending. Just sayin'. :p
why thank you! *evil grin*

thanks for reading!
Very powerful. Makes me want to read more. :)
thanks! and its possible that this will have a little more to it, but im not sure yet.
Beauty sometimes comes in unexpected places... this was beautiful in its pain and punch. Stripped bare, it read like Simon must have felt. Raw and at high speed with no time to evaluate and formulate... Beautiful.
wow, what a beautiful compliment! Thank you so much for reading!
Wow, outta the blue. Simon's never prepared, is he?
no, he never is. poor boy.

thanks for reading!
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