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TYR: Ike Laughs

In Her Bower

Somebody who writes Inara needs to check out "Nu Shu," which translates to "Woman's Writing" in chinese. It's how women in parts of China communicated without men knowing for years, generally hidden as artistic touches or embroidery.

Very cool.

Have a link about it at wikipedia: Nu Shu.

I also want someone to write the fic where Spike went to Hogwarts before he was turned. I dont know why, but this idea struck me earlier, and I choked, and now i really want it.

Also, also, in an attempt to tell people where things came from and what they mean from that meme about random things I say that i expect people to get:

1. "Mr and Mrs Knievel, what would you like to name your son?" *creepy voice* "EEEEVIIILL."

Honestly, Im assuming this was said by some comedian somewheres, but I have no idea who. However, we use it as a "wow, you're doing something INCREDIBLY INSANE" type of remark.

2. "I have played buffet before."

Gallagher. And if you dont know who that is, get thee to blockbuster and ASK, because he is the awesome-est. Yes, he is the guy who smashes watermelons with a sledgehammer, but thats such a small part of his show.

We use this to mean, "I am not a moron. I know how to do this," for anything. My sister tells me which way to turn to get to OUR OWN HOUSE? My dad tells me to be sure to feed the baby? its a long winded way to say DUH.

3. "Hello! My name is Jose." "Jose what?" "Jose Jalapeno. On a STICK."

Another comedian. This one was a ventriloquist. With a giant jalapeno. On a stick. And why NOT use it? its FUNNY.

4. "Why is he allowed to get up? If he gets up, we'll all get up. It'll be anarchy!"

Breakfast Club. General grousing over whatever.

5. "It's Ok. I make lamb."

My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Used as reassurance that something really is fine with us.

6. "Spicy brains!"

Night of the Living Dead. or something. its possible its never actually said like this, but we use it as a form of affection.

yes, gnawing on each other's skills can be considered affection.


Ahhh Bender! Judd Nelson, you were my first man-crush, for about 5 minutes. Breakfast Club is such an awesome movie.

An aside, I've read a few fics where different fandoms made their characters into the BC characters... You should do a Firefly Breakfast Club! You know you want to...

I think it's the BG blue that's the problem, sweets. Maybe something less.. vibrant?

Also? Cools for me... that banner's better than I remember.
How fun. My husband is the best at incorporating movie lines into the everyday,of which I am jealous. Usually though they are from Full Metal Jacket. :p But Night of the Living Dead gets used too mostly "Baaaarbra"

Breakfast Club is love. :)

And you are right about that Nu Shu that could really work well into an Inara fic! Those sneaky secretive companions so have their own language.
Just to double check, you want fic about Spike, the vampire guy from Buffy, and not Snape, the good but evil but good but...

Wouldn't want to write you a fic you didn't want :)
you know, i remember when i once said something like, "i love fanfiction," and you looked puzzled. And now, here you are, writing! *gleeful*

And yes, Spike. Spike at HOGWARTS. back when he was William the Bloody Awful Poet. But...SNAPE! I love him too! However shall I choose?



Your sister reads your LJ sometimes

It's Melisa. I saw this post and laughed so much. To clarify, I THINK the comedian that did Mr and Mrs K is the same one that did Jose Jalepeno. But I am not completely sure. Hope all is well with you Lady.

Bye bye

Re: Your sister reads your LJ sometimes

bwah ha ha! and i never knew..i never saw the comedian, i just picked it up from you (FROM YOU, OKAY? I LEARNED IT FROM WATCHING YOU! /drug awareness)


Re: Your sister reads your LJ sometimes

It's your other sister now. The "Mr. & Mrs. Knievel" thing I think I got from Alison N in high school, actually. Of course I can't *quite* remember much of anything anymore!
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