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We're back in Kotlik, at long long last, and Ive fought my way through to the Goblin City the insane pile of boxes and stacks of mail, and OMG I LOVE MY FLIST.

For the Littlest of Dark Lords!

from the lovely magelette, Senor Shortpants got some cute fluffy booties and the CUTEST soft snuggly pair of kiwi pajamas. KIWIS!

And speaking of kiwi, the fabulous alliekiwi sent littleman a cuddlebug, which is a warm wrap for his alaskanness self, which fits under the car seat straps. Yay! She also sent some "Eskimo" candies, which made me giggle. although i havent tried them yet.

and my best beloveds rinalin and literarylemming sent me booties with SKULLS and CROSSBONES! and a cute little outfit that proclaims him CAPTAIN STINKY!

For me!

the fabulous genevieve sent me dvds of Bones! and Gilmore Girls! the ones I was missing! *cheers*

Massive thanks to all of you for royally rocking my kasbah. *smootchies*


I am now an AUNT! My nephew, Noah, was born at 12:01am on August 20th, and by all accounts, he is adorable. I shall post pictures once I get the ok from my sister.

And speaking of pictures!

I have not spammed you with Senor Evil in a little while. Let's fix that.

Griffin eats his blankie. NUMMY!


Griffin meets his new "sister." She's 2 weeks younger, and 2 pounds heavier.

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