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BOOK: Botheri

Pretty Maids All in a Row

Hi! Pick something for me to waste braincells on!

Poll #1037704 What Should I Be Writing?

What the hell should I get off of my ass and write for you?

Woman-Wife-Lover (5 Women Simon Never Married)
Simon the Hero
Diagnosis: Sane (sequel to Diagnosis: Normal)
Wingtip, dammit!
Something else! Which I shall tell you about IN DETAIL in the comments!

Voldemort DEMANDS that you answer the poll. I am HOLDING HIM BACK FROM ATTACKING! See how vicious he is?

Griffin standing on alia's lap


WINGTIIIIIIP!! Cause I totally reviewed it all I'm sure! If not, no matter, thats my vote.

Get to it!

(PS: I'm now a total deatheater. Voldy is far tooooo cute!)
hee! the dark lordling has many minions.

Wingtip is a possibility. Hmmm...*thinks*
Dr. Who! I'm a total Dr. Who fan (although Tom Baker--#4--is always my ultimate Dr) and i want you to write 9 fic.

Does Voldemort have sharp, pointy teeth? If so, isn't that a little early--oh, wait. I'm comparing the evil lord to a normal baby :)
NINE! Nine! My beloved Nine! *swoons*

...any ideas for fic? I can see what I can do, but I have no plot ideas. Give me a lyric, a phrase, a couple of words - something. And Ill see what I can shake loose from the brain.

Also, with the long long hallways in the many hotels we've been staying in, I can stop myself from doing threes and sevens as Im walking down the hall.
hm... There was a quote from the episode "Doomsday" (which was actually with 10) but I can't seem to find it on any of the quote pages that came up with Google...

Basically, Rose is reminiscing about how much she enjoyed seeing strange sunsets and new stars.

Drat! I wish I could remember the exact quote... sorry :(


i'm glad that you're still dancing. You really wouldn't want me to hunt you down and chase you through long hallways...
positively VICIOUS!


You should help me write my Inside/Firefly/Pirates fic. *nods* What with Birdy involved and all.
eeek! But..but..Pirate!Danny is all yours!

..plus, while i lovelovelove the idea, the idea of having to come up with PLOT for the thing makes my brain go blank.
Pshaw. It has plot!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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