Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Harry Potter and the Subject Talked to Death

I read it, i read other people's responses, and i thought about it some more.

and now, i ramble about it.

No, really, SPOILERS.

Are you sure? Spoilers!

ok, so, things in no specific order at all and just as they pour out of my head.

-the deaths that really effected me weren't human. HEDWIG. i had to stop reading out loud to my husband in the car because i got all choked up.

DOBBY. "Here lies Dobby, a free elf." *sob* and the GRAVE DIGGING OMG.

And while i got all flaily over Fred, what really got me in that scene was his last line: He hasn't heard Percy make a joke since WHEN? and why does this bother me? someone needs to write this fic.

and, of course, Snape.

My darling, bad tempered, never nice Professor Snape.

what a crap death.

and i think that was the point.

Snape's life was never fair, and he was never going to play well with others. any others. anywhere. ever.


ive read several reactions about his death scene that proclaim "EW HE WANTED TO LOOK IN HARRY'S EYES BECAUSE HE WANTED TO LOOK IN LILY'S EYES ONE LAST TIME. EW!!" i the only one who connected the looking in the eyes to the memories to the fact that Snape was a Legilemens (however its spelled) and needed to look into Harry's eyes to give him the memories he had held in his head?

Also, proof to Snape's strength of mind - Voldemort never got those memories from Snape. Not ever.

And while i do think its cheese central to proclaim that he did it all for Lily, i also wonder WHY he wouldve done it all for Lily. You would think, eventually, that he would decide that it wasnt worth it, even if he did love her, and that makes me think that while it started out as purely for Lily, he also understood that Voldemort's way was the wrong way. and so continued past the point of love. or something.

People are also pushing around the fact that he didnt CARE at all about James and Harry dying, and i dont think that's true either. He knew it would hurt Lily for them to die, and i really dont think he cared one single flip about James (and why the hell would he?), but he probably didnt want Harry to die when he was a baby. It was Lily's baby. the problem was that V had already marked Harry. so Snape tried to at least save Lily's life, if he couldnt do anything for the whole family.

And for reasons that i cant explain, i keep making the connection between Snape and the witch in Into the Woods.

"You're so nice. You're not good, you're not bad, you're just nice. I'm not good, I'm not nice, I'm just right."

unsure of why.

but if someone wanted to make me an icon with that sort of idea on it, i would be forever greatful.

- Kreacher made me ridiculously happy. i have no idea why.

- Hermione kissed Ron because he wanted to save the elves. BEST REASON EVER! and so very Hermione!

- Ginny is still a meh character for me. I like Luna better.

- And the fact that Luna say through Harry's polyjuice at the wedding? AWESOMENESS. Awesome of awesomeness! I heart Luna.

And i totally ship Harry/Luna, and i need to locate more fic for them.

- the epilogue was made of cheese, and Im afraid im lactose intolerant.

- i loved the tenseness. the lurching from one thing to the next in a state of fear.

- Hermione's handbag of everything. *wins*

- Fleur and Remus trying to break the tension when Percy arrived was hilarious. "I HAVE PICTURES!" *cackles*

- GABRIELLE! Chattering in French! CHARLIE! with brutally short hair! I see FIC in my future! (*plots remaining Dragon Dance fics*)

- I always knew Dumblodore was manipulative and slightly evil. and he still was doing things for the greater good. sure, he was happy Harry survived, that doesnt mean that he didnt throw him to the wolves in the first place.

- Harry accepting Snape's memories and forgiving/moving on/deal with his anger at the man struck me as untrue. mainly because we never saw any of it. it was just, "I HATE YOU, YOU KILLED DUMBLEDORE!" to "WOW! BRAVEST MAN I EVER KNEW!" without going through any of the steps in between. Although my brain insists on thinking that he probably watched Snape's memories 8 zillion times to see his mother in them, and so felt like he knew him some.


-Tralawny's crystal balls. HEEEEEE. *loves*

-hated that NO Slytherin was involved in the resistance, although im convinced its because Slytherins know how to play the game, and so kept their heads down, even as they were helping cause trouble.

there is plenty more, but im still thinking over things. slowly. and mulling. and dealing with the Little Dark Lord who is trying to creep around already (HE'S THREE MONTHS OLD), so im sure ill discuss more later.

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