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Random Request

Anybody a Young Wizards (So You Want to Be a Wizard, Deep Wizardry, High Wizardry, etc - by Diane Duane) fan? I need someone who has ahold of the books, and can tell me a couple of their favorite quotes from the series.

Currently, i have:

Dear Artificer, I've blown my quanta and gone to the Good Place!

Don't be afraid to make corrections. Don't be afraid to lend a hand. And don't look down!

Magic does not live in the unwilling heart.

My gnaester will never be the same

I had to be a bard: I was found in a bag. It's traditional.

I like books. They don't crash.

Excuse me, but why are you talking to our luggage?

Go ahead! Panic! Do it now and avoid the June rush! Fear death by water!

If you have any others, i would appreciate it mightily. magelette? got any?

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