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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

K! I! D! S!


Kids Incorporated on youtube!

..i had SUCH a crush on Ryan.

and speaking of Ryan...i cannot tell you how excited i am about the release of The Monster Squad on dvd.

Dude. my life is awesome.

now..if anybody knows where i can find some of the songs sung by the MMC group, "The Party," my nostalgia will be complete.

*uses Goonies icon just for fun*

ETA: Kids Incorporated website! with streaming radio!

ETAA: MP3s of "The Party!" WHOOOOOOOOO!! *downloads all and puts on repeat*

My name is Chase, the red headed ace on the dance floor.
No need to restore my rhyme, Im throwing down this time solo, so no need to follow.
Bust your moves, and Ill bust mine.
You ask me how Im doing, and Ill say fine.
Ok, Rodeo, Ill give you a chance,
Get on your feet and hit the beat and let's dance!


Oh, goodie! I was looking for the links and was JUST getting ready to comment with them when I noticed you edited to add them.



All around the nation, Whoa oh!
We're the new sensation.
Have you heard, have you heard, have you heard?

We're Kids Incorporated,
K-I-D-S! Yea!
Kids Incorporated,


Oh, and check this out:

Stop. Reading. My. Brain. Tim and I had a bad 80s memories night with YouTube last weekend. And we watched the intro credits to everything, including KIDS Incorporated. And he dled about half of Mysterious Cities of Gold, so my life is now Complete.

Looks like we made it, we're kids in cor por aaaaaaated...
And just a note, apparently one of the guys I went to high school with actually appeared as one of the dancers/drummers in a few episodes in the later seasons... Frightening. But then again, I just found out that Jonathan from Buffy grew up in my hometown and went to my high school (four years before I got there, but still...)
i love you.

i need to peruse these links when i get home. :D
Monster Squad!! *squees*

I quoted that movie the other night. I was sad when no one knew why I'd said, "Wolfman's got nards."

Donna :)
So, at this moment, I'd like to know how much you love me.

Why should you proclaim everlasting adoration to moi?

Because I have copies of two (both?) of the tapes The Party released.

After mucking out my house, I suppose I could find it in my heart to make you copies and mail them. I don't know though...undying love must be declared first.
lmao! of COURSE there is everlasting adoration for you! ever and always!

..im scared to look and see, but its possible i also have at least one of my tapes too. but that doesnt help, as i no longer have anything even resembling a tape player! im all mp3s these days, which means, if you find that your tapes have suddenly morphed into cds, then i will build you a shrine and shout my love from the rooftops.

as it is, you'll just have to deal with me telling you i adore you. :) thank you though!
Dude, is it sad that I still have all my party cds? er...
its not sad at all!

...now, when are you sending me copies? *hopeful smile*
OMG Is that Fergie?!?!?!
yep! scary, isnt it?


If you don't already have bittorrent...get a bit torrent client....i like Utorrent best...
Then go to www.myspleen.com and you can probably find it...they have a lot of older stuff but you often have to go on the fourms and ask people to start seeding them again...
www.mininova.org and www.torrentbox.com are also good ones.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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