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Firefly Fic: Not Exactly Subtle, or, Blindingly Obvious (2/3)

Title: Not Exactly Subtle, or, Blindingly Obvious
Author: alianora
Rating: PG
Summery: It seems to be all relatively straightforward. It’s not their fault the rest of the crew seems to be stupid.

They were such little things, really. And they didn't happen all at once. So, its to be expected that the others would take a while to put the pieces together.



“The hell are you doing?” Mal leaned down into the open hatch of Jayne’s bunk in amazement.

Jayne shot Mal an annoyed look, and dropped another bag of stuff at the bottom of the ladder with a clink. “Tap dancing,” he snarled. “The hell’s it look like?”

Mal examined the bags already sitting outside the door. “You cleaning out or something?”

Jayne just grunted, and tossed the bag he was holding practically into the captain’s lap.

Mal poked through one of the bags idly, cursing when he knocked it over. “What is all this, anyway?”

“Some of it’s gonna go to storage.” Jayne’s voice was muffled as he shoved himself half under his bed. “Some of it’s trash.”

“Jayne?” Mal stared at the papers escaping from the overstuffed trash bag. “Uh..this is all your girly mags and nudie pictures.” A mostly naked minx straddling a mule smiled up at the captain as he tried to stuff it back under more innocent papers.

“Yep.” Jayne wiggled back out from under the bunk, hands full with a large box. “That’s all old stuff. I got some new things that are gonna go up on the walls.” He paused, a smirk stealing across his lips for a second. “Might even frame ‘em.”

“Yeah, well,” Mal gave up on shoving the girly pictures back where they came from and just covered the whole pile with a bag of empty whiskey bottles. “Just..make sure you clean up all this junk.”

“Yeah, yeah.”


River was rosy cheeked and cheerful most of the time these days. It was such a nice change from how she was before that Simon ignored the nagging little voice that kept telling him he was missing something obvious.

He complimented her on how healthy she looked one day.

“Thank you, Simon,” River said with a smile. “I have been increasing my heart rate with cardiovascular movements. I now understand why others are so fond of the past time. It really gets the blood moving, doesn’t it?”

“What kind of exercise are you doing, River? Maybe I should try it.”

She began to laugh, trying to smother it under her hand. “I highly recommend you do, Doctor Tam. I’m sure Kaylee would be willing to show you the basics.”


The whole crew stared when Jayne walked into the mess for dinner one night.

Kaylee squinted. "Jayne, did you...shave?" Her voice squeaked in disbelief.

"Yep." Jayne didn't even look up as he plopped himself down at the table, elbowing River's drawing pad out of the way of his plate.

River just giggled and swung her feet down from the edge of his chair. "No more Grizzly bear, all stubble and growl."

Jayne flicked a glance at her with a smirk, "I'm still all growl, ma'am."

Simon frowned in confusion. "Don't leer at my sister, please, Jayne." He tapped the edge of his bowl with his chopsticks, studying the mercenary. "So," he asked cautiously, after Kaylee gave him a helpful kick in the shin. "What made you decide to shave?"

"I had a complaint 'bout beard burn."

Kaylee frowned in confusion. "But, Jayne," she protested. "We ain't made landfall in more than a week."

Jayne shrugged. "Was a legitimate complaint, filed and everything."

"Have to follow all the rules," River said solemnly. "Otherwise the contract is void and null."

"Got that right."

Mel squinted at his hired hand. "Since when do you actually understand anything what she says?"

Jayne and River just shrugged.


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