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MOVIE: Keep firing assholes

Stop, Hammertime

I find myself with the urge to vid. VID VID AND VID some more.

This is a problem, as the majority of all source materials i own are back in Pants, while I am in Anchorage. Hmm.

So, all i have is whats currently on the computer and the external hd. Which includes: The Inside (all eps), Bones (s1 and part of s2), Serenity, and the R Tam sessions.


However, aside from the source material issue, i also have a Beastie who is going through a growth spurt, and has been attached to me physically every hour or so.

So, my chances of actually doing or finishing anything at all is very very reduced.

however, if anyone has clips of Lost - specifically clips from throughout s1 which feature the plane crash, either in or outside, that would be very of the cool to share. im just saying.

so instead, ill play the meme.

Tell me a character, I'll tell you three things from my personal canon about them.


Tell me a character, I'll tell you three reasons why they suck.

Just..specify if you want canon or suckitude. or dont, and watch me flail and probably do both.

Also, Pirates starts tomorrow. I have a Dark Lord who is a little young to be going to movies. This is a problem.

The Evil One is one month old. Oy.



Oh! So precious!

Re: Squee!

it is the CUTEST PICTURE EVER TAKEN. I am convinced of this.

Re: Squee!

You should enter him in the Graco Baby Model search - seriously!
I've heard of movie theaters that have special showings for parents to go with young kids. Not that I've ever encountered a theater that did this, but I've heard rumors. I'm guessing that the issue is more one of the Dark Lord's lack of patience and ability to withstand the length, environment, etc. His desire to be attached to you at all times, and to be the center of your attention. Rather than any worry about him seeing a PG-13 movie at such a young age. :P
yes, his patience and the sheer amount of people that will probably be present the first few weeks of Pirates being there. small child, crying, immune system..you know. that kind of thing.

i think he can handle a PG13 movie. :)
AWWWWWWWWW too cute !!!

He's not to little, just make sur eu got plentsy milk/bottles & diapers & he'll be fine. My oldest was at the movies at 3 weeks & he turned out ok :)
well, he'd be going with me, so food wouldnt be an issue. :)

if Pirates had been out a while, we'd probably go. its the big mess of people/crowds i dont want to deal with with an itty bitty baby. immune system and stuff.
Look how cute!

(I'm sorry, are we allowed to call 'evil one' cute or will he throw me in a torture chamber?)
he enjoys your worship, therefore "cute" is ok.

of course, when he gets a little older, and is able to reach the door to the torture chamber, the rules might change..
nawwww, cutest pic ever *coos*
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