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SW: Han Watched Her Walk

Vids and Fics I Want

Vids I might make someday. eventually. if i get bored or get the source material or whatever. if you want to play, please take and run with it.

1. "Uptown Girl" - Avonlea - Gus/Felicity. I went for a walk today, this was playing, it just fits entirely too well. it would take me forever to sort through my dvds of the show and figure out which ones have Gus in them. the originals were doublesided, but mine arent, so its..confusing.

2. "Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)" - Lost. I have NO EXCUSE for this one, except it wont leave me alone, and ive got it fairly well planned out in my head already. help. i just dont want to take the time to rip all of my dvds. or the space on my harddrive.

3. "One Girl Revolution" - Jossverse. Girls who kick ass. Buffy, Willow, Cordy, River, Zoe, Fred, Illyria, Nina, etc. ill never actually make this one.

4. "Personal Jesus" - Doctor Who - Nine/Rose.

Fics i want someone to write so i dont have to.

1. Daddy!Jayne fic - his sister is raising the baby. the mom is dead, they werent in love, she wasnt a whore, they were just..friends with benefits. he sends money and gifts and little letters to the kiddo and the crew finds out when they randomly land on the planet the kid lives on - and it just works out that they're there for the kid's birthday.

2. Ballroom Dancer! River - everyone always assumes when River talks about dancing that she's talking about ballet. i want hotsexyRiver in competitions. there is no plot ideas here. i just want.

3. Flying Tams! FLYING TAMS. M is working on this for me, supposedly. River and Simon join the circus. no, REALLY. blame this on knowing how bendy Summer is due to ballet, and then learning about Sean's yoga. I WANT THIS MORE THAN I CAN SAY.

4. Supernatural/Gilmore Girls crossover - Sam tries to blend in to a normal life in Stars Hollow. No, i dont know either.

5. Leelo Dallas, Multipass!River - yes. yes, i know. i just want to see Jayne kicking ass and River being insane. ...wait... um. i mean, i want a fic where River and Jayne star in "The Fifth Element," with whatever twists are necessary to make it make sense involving those two.

Go forth. Make me things.


#4 And when he's asked his name the only one he can think of is Dean! *giggles*

I remember you mentioning #5 before, and I remember thinking about it a lot... :p
think about it harder. with Word open. *grin*
Do you have the song for #3?

Not promising anything here, but I need to hear it before I can make a decision.

Fic idea #1: I swear, I think I have read something like that somewhere. Of course, I can't find it so I can't link you to it. Also, the more I thought about it, the more my imaginary Jayne!baby wanted to stow away--which means long fic. The kind I don't want to get involved in. I think. *ponders*

#2: There is fic for this. Can't remember the name, but I KNOW that she is dancing all over Jayne, and gets him to somewhat dance back with her. I think it's song fic. Of course, if **I** were writing it, I'd make it part of a plot where River and Jayne have to...wait. *scribbles* (added to the bunny notebook cause it was a good idea) Nevermind. You may get that one.

#3 Yes, only Lemming can do that one justice IMHO. It's just that cracky. Poke her with a cattle prod and tell her to get on the ball.

#5. OMG YES PLEASE! I think you should harrass Nutmeg, who is the queen of the AU re-writes. Because I can SOOOOO SEE THIS. Jayne stealing/piloting a shuttle, River landing on it (babbling to the point where no one can understand her--wait. She already does that), Book and Simon as the monks trying to protect her, Mal as the beleaguered (sp??) president, Inara as the blue opera-singing chick, Early or the Operative trying to kill her, Wash as the crazy radio guy.

OMFG this one is just screaming for a rewrite. Srsly.
i DO have the song, actually. its FUN.


i need to upload all of those songs too. maybe it will harass more people into making me vids. *ponders*

i need several of those fics. and dude, you have no idea how cracky the Flying Tams is. especially because the fic itself isnt crack. just the basic idea.

ive wanted Fifth Element for a while. no explanations. but i CANT see Wash as Ruby Rod. the brain, she breaks.
I'm working on a D/G fic at the moment, which may take me a while thanks to my ER work schedule. but! I love the daddy!Jayne idea. I may hang on to that one for a bit. a plot may percolate in my brain and you can get a fic out of it. :)
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