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WILLOW: Sorcha

Well, There Go More Braincells

I mainlined the first disc of Supernatural Season1 while my folks were out of the apartment today - i have to have something to do while im feeding the Beastie, and i like it.

a lot.

i even find myself thinking that Dean (not Cute!Dean, but Supernatural!Dean) is of the hot.

I feel..dirty. And i kinda hate all of you who are cackling evilly at my problems.

Um. Any comms for good gen fic? Im not yet going to hell on the Wincest bus, but id love some good boy bonding fic.

In other news, Im attempting to plot my apocalyptothon fic, and i cant decide the best way to destroy the world..or whose world to destroy. i have something that might be an idea. somewhere. maybe.

i also need to finish my Earth2 ddficathon. like, soon. today would be nice, but extremely doubtful. parents are very distracting. especially when they keep mocking me on the amount of time i spend on the computer. they have no idea.

had an odd thought for apocalypsos's tshirt challange. my shirt is this one, and i have to come up with something ficcish for it. and im thinking of a new fandom for me, but have no current ideas on how to go about writing it.


Voldemort says: Yay!


Voldemort is sooooooooo cute, just want to rashberry his tummy. Can I Can I huh huh??

For Supernatual fic try SN_fic. the tags are really well done, so no WIncest if ya dn't want.
rashberry away! just be warned - he kicks!

will try SN_fic. thanks!
I knew there was a reason why you gave him the middle name Dean...

And we won't talk about the Wincest. Or how Kara is eternally damned to hell. (But if/when you want recs, lemme know.)

Are you back in Pants yet? Or are you still in Anchorage? I wanted to see how long it took things to get from one side of the world to the other. *g*
*sputters indignately* Ill have you know that Dean is Brandus's middle name!

..it has nothing whatsoever to do with fandom.

because his name would TOTALLY have been Jayne. Or Hoban. Or Spike. Or Guerin. Or..well, you get the idea.

I might see the Wincest eventually, and will jump on the bus to hell with a whoop and a holler, because its not like this is the first ever incest ship ive shipped. please to be seeing: Sha-Boone, Weasley-cest (Fred/George - yummm), and several others i might not admit to right away. but, i dont know. i cant see it yet.

Still in Anc. Headed back to Pants once we get a good report from the doc about the Dark Lordling.
Brandus has a very auspicious middle name. And a very nicely fannish one. *g* The next Dark Lord you pop out though must be named Jayne. I have an aunt Jayne, so at least there's presedence in my family. There's also crack-baby-cousin Adakin, but anyway...

When you get back to Pants, you should hopefully have mail. Two kiwi mails. Packages. Whatever. But yes.

And I stole the baby while you were taking a peepee!
I think he's more practicing his "RAR!" than saying "YAY!" But that's just me. Ha.
no no, silly! THIS is his RAR! face:

So do you have to write a fic about a plugged in robot reaching for a flower? or can it be about the fact that the company is named threadless t's? You could do something with both, about how the robot gets tired of being stuck in that position on the t and does something about it.

Another idea is that you blow up 2007 America, but people in a tiny town in Alaska don't know anything about it except that they've lost their cable and internet...

If I can find it, there's a filk song about being a mom (it's from the 80's, so one line I remember is "i hate Ernie and Bert and Rainbow Bright")

have fun with your bundle of evil :)
the fic just has to be INSPIRED by the tshirt. so, there dont have to be any flowers, or robots with cords. but there can be.

oh, and i LOVE the idea of people in a tiny town in Alaska dont know anything about it. but..i know 7 people who would be SCREAMING if they lost their internet. i..would totally be one of them.

..i need that song. although i love Bert, Ernie and Rainbow Bright.

but i do get a huge malicious kick out of the fact that his current disposable diapers (we're using cloth, mostly) have Elmo on them. and so he poops on Elmo. HA!
naww baby Voldemort looks anything but evil :))
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