Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Well, There Go More Braincells

I mainlined the first disc of Supernatural Season1 while my folks were out of the apartment today - i have to have something to do while im feeding the Beastie, and i like it.

a lot.

i even find myself thinking that Dean (not Cute!Dean, but Supernatural!Dean) is of the hot.

I feel..dirty. And i kinda hate all of you who are cackling evilly at my problems.

Um. Any comms for good gen fic? Im not yet going to hell on the Wincest bus, but id love some good boy bonding fic.

In other news, Im attempting to plot my apocalyptothon fic, and i cant decide the best way to destroy the world..or whose world to destroy. i have something that might be an idea. somewhere. maybe.

i also need to finish my Earth2 ddficathon. like, soon. today would be nice, but extremely doubtful. parents are very distracting. especially when they keep mocking me on the amount of time i spend on the computer. they have no idea.

had an odd thought for apocalypsos's tshirt challange. my shirt is this one, and i have to come up with something ficcish for it. and im thinking of a new fandom for me, but have no current ideas on how to go about writing it.


Voldemort says: Yay!

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