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MOVIE: Im a Sofa

Dear Coreys..

THIS is the best thing ive heard all day. Haim and Feldman together again! Giving advice to the lovelorn or the crazy or the people like me who have too much time on their hands!

In other news, still no Voldemort. Im sitting at 4-5cm and 80% effaced, and my midwife thinks I could go soon..or..i could hold on a few more weeks. But when it goes, it should be fast.

Which would ordinarily be good, but there is the getting brandus here for the birth issue..there's only one flight a day from Pants to Anchorage.


Add that to some family stuff (my parents, not Brandus's and I's family) - Im a little twitchy.

I want to be excited about remixredux opening, but i cant be, because im a huge horrible slacker who hasnt finished her story, due to this whole pregnancy/almost labor issues. and i know someone has worked so hard to write me something fabulous, and i feel terrible that i didnt. i will finish, and ill post, yes, but..i dont know. i feel like a loser. bleh.

*leans on flist* anyone have anything pretty or fluffy or fun to share?


*snuggles tight*

Oh honey, I'm so sorry you're all miserable and preganant. I wish I had something fun to make it easier on you.
you are fabulously fun on your own, dear one. im just..cranky.

and currently, hungry.

this is a problem, as its 2 in the morning, and i dont wish to wake the mother.
I'm pretty sure that everyone understands you can't control going into labor, darling.

::sends Gus Pike as a pretty thing::
*pets the Gus*

i need more Avonlea fic. why isnt there more Avonlea fic?
I'm so sorry to hear about your near-labor experiences. I went through preterm labor stuff with both of mine and it sucks. :(

Here's some Mommy-related reading and viewing (yeah, I have no life and I only read Mom stuff now...):
One of those horrible moms
Kelly Mom
BabyCenter bulletin boards - I recommend "Dealing with the In-Laws" for some riotous tales

And here are a few mystery links b/c I'm too lazy to code them tino something prettier:





http://www.nytimes.com/2007/04/22/magazine/22birds.t.html?_r=1&hp&oref=slogin (the interactive feature has really cool pictures)

http://www.nytimes.com/pages/crosswords/index.html (page down for free stuff)

You could always spend some time rating cats at ratemykitten.com - I spent way too much time on that site when I first discovered it...

ooh, fun things! i adore the babycenter InLaw board. I read it all the time, and either laugh or am completely flabbergasted by people.

my favorite was the drama over the MIL making a hat to match the christianing outfit - AND THE DIL WAS SO MAD! AND ITS NOT OVERREACTING! HE HATES HATS! *cry cry cry*

ooh, thanks for the mom links, im always looking for fun new blogs. a couple of ones i like:

Baby Daddy
Parent Hacks
mimi smartypants - whom everyone should read and adore

and i love both kiddley and looby lu, but sadly, they are both on break. cry.
*hugs* Lord Voldie's just trying to assert his neonatal powers on you and subvert reality to his own whims. (Bad baby! No biscuit!)

We drove by Big Cock Vineyard today on the way back from some podunk town on the Hibiscus Coast. And then we almost hit a big cock in the road. And Tim asked me why it had to cross the road in front of our car. To get to the other side, of course...

We also almost ran over Allie's neighbor's cock, which was running loose in the driveway. The best was still Cockram Nissan down in Christchurch--right next to the Bling Bling car dealership.

*more huggles* Poor dovey. We're thinking of you down here and looking at all kinds of Kiwi baby gifts.
Big Cock.


yes, evidentally, mentally, i am 12. which im ok with.

have i told you how happy it makes me to see you using your Kyle icon that i made you?

how is the Kiwi-ness going? i had your NZ blog address at one point, but heck if i know what i did with it. send it to me, and ill add the link to Pants.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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