Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Rather Be In Labor

This weekend was not the nice relaxing weekend I had expected.

On Friday, Brandus and I were coming out to Anchorage to get me settled in until Lord Voldemort makes his appearance.

That morning, a few hours before the plane came, our coworker fell and broke her wrist rather badly.

We were coming in anyway, so we just brought her with us so she wouldnt have to be medevac'd.

I took her to the hospital, because she was pretty out of it - and sent Brandus to the new apartment to get keys and unpacked and stuff.

At this point, I need to point out that Brandus has been having some pain in his teeth, so he calls while Im at the hospital with her, and tells me he got a last minute dentist appointment.

Ok. Sure.

So, I sit with her, and talk to the doctor, and she has broken both bones in her arm right underneath her wrist and it might need surgery. She is VERY VERY out of it on Vicadin.

And now I cant get in touch with Brandus..and its been a couple of hours, and Im a little concerned...

He finally calls, as Im sitting with our coworker in the lobby waiting for him, and he mumbles:

"I jus' have my wisom teef out."


Yep. We expected the dentist to give him some antibiotics and some pain killers and a "come back Monday."

But no..they yanked one wisdom tooth and the tooth beside it that it was SHATTERING, gave him Vicadin, and sent him to get us.

And so, I have two people on serious pain killers who are more than a little loopy..and Im 36 weeks pregnant.

Oh boy.


Oh, yeah, it gets better. Just wait for it.

I wake up at 3:30 am Saturday with some serious lower back pain and alot of nausea. I take two mild painkillers and pace around the apartment until about 5 am, when it eases up and I go back to bed.

Im thinking, no way is this labor. That would just be ironic.

I wake up again at 6:30am - the pain is back. I take three mild painkillers, which dont do a darn thing, and try to stretch out the pain.

I take a hot shower, I stretch, I give in and call the OB nurse on call - Im not having contractions, no cramping, just the back pain. And yes, the baby is moving around and seems fine.

Weeeelllll, you could try some vicadin?

I scarf some of Brandus's, check in on the coworker, who's more awake and together, and Brandus, who is in pain, but seems ok otherwise.

The vicadin does NOTHING.

It takes me until about 9 am to realize that this pain is wildly, horrifically familiar.

When I was in college, I spent a solid week hooked up to a saline IV in my house, drugged out of my mind with painkillers, dealing with kidney stones. I can remember a grand total of a few hours of that week, and I know it was Christmas...but otherwise, Ive got nothing.

And honestly, at this point, Im laying on the floor of the bedroom, rocking back and forth, crying (mainly because Im panicking and thinking, nononono cant do this again AND be pregnant), and thinking, oh god, i would rather be in labor.

So, back we go to the hospital, to the maternity unit, because thats where you go when you're 36 weeks pregnant and having any kind of strange anything.

Im not contracting, the baby is fine, oh, and I have kidney stones.


So, we now have three people in the apartment, and all of us are on serious painkillers.

We're all feeling better and a little less sideways, but wow. What a weekend.

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