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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh


No time to talk.

- 4 days left of work. at least 10 days of work LEFT TO GET DONE.

- 4 days left until i go to anchorage. havent packed. no clue what to pack.

- 4 weeks left before Lord Voldemort the Younger arrives.

- remixredux not done yet. will start panicking over it as soon as i finish panicking over everything else.

-apocalyptothon now taking sign ups. please to sign up for me?

- i want to make out with one person's request about Tia Dalma.

- i want to see an Inside fic where Web insists the team do one of those stupid team building seminars with dumb trust games. and then leaves them there. and Mel chainsmoking in irritation. and Daddy hoisting Rebecca onto his shoulders. Dont ask me, i dont know.

- im going to be very very late getting back from my lunch break, and i cant bring myself to care.


One thing you should definitely pack for Anchorage? Something at least somewhat waterproof for your feet.
I wouldnt even be able to get to the AIRPORT in FishingVillage, Ak without something waterproof on my feet! :)
and Daddy hoisting Rebecca onto his shoulders.

I imagine that is a typo, but OMG the images my brain fabricated! Hee! Rebecca has a daddy!kink, and Danny does his best to oblige!

Hmmm, you know that could be an interesting fic. And for anyone interested in writing it (someone that is NOT me because OMFG I have too much on my plate right now) here's a possible plot:

It could be one of those seminars where a couple of different offices/companies participate (in separate areas of the park/s) and each year someone ends up dead on the last day (or doesn't show up to work for the first day back)--but because they are held all over the country, at different times of the year, with many different companies participating, and there is no pattern to the victimology, well--no one has made the connection.

Except Web. Which is the REAL REASON why he sends them. Only they don't know it, and one of them ends up being abducted (NOT REBECCA!) and the rest of the team has to figure it out to save them, and in doing so, catches the unsub.

Now, who that unsub might be is up to the writer.
Note to self: Do not attempt to type "Danny" while trying to make a list for your "Daddy" at the same time. It just doesnt work.


Actually, what I want to see in that situation is something completely stupid and goofy. There could be a murder involved, I dont care..I just want something FUN.
Stupid, as sneaking off to cabins to screw--oh, wait, that's not stupid. ;)

BTW, I totally understand if you can't do the beta. I'm like 2 chapters from finishing and will have to do something major to fuck it up.

I cannot believe you are so close to delivering!!!
i WANT to beta! *frets* But, right now im insane busy, and Im really worried I dont have time to give it a decent look over with indepth comments and such. *sigh* i really want to though..
Don't want to stress you out. I'm also not going to go off in a huff if you can't do it. I mean, I've really benefited from your insight and comments--you've truly helped me make Last Stop a better story, but I do understand how crazy life is, and this is the first time with fanfic that I've had a beta from start to finish, so you know, I'll survive. ;)
4 weeks? OMG!!!!

Gahhh, must work on something for Lord Voldemort Jr. Are you sure it's 4 weeks? Like, really?

Just checking...
technically, its 4 and a half, but..its close!

4 weeks left before Lord Voldemort the Younger arrives
wow! yay! :D
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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