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WILLOW: Double Brownie Facepalm

Computer Ouch

So, last night, Im enjoying actually being on AIM for the first time in forever, catching up with important people and demanding they listen to me swoon about Doctor Who and my love for Nine, when something happened.

Im not exactly sure what, but sudden crackly noises and then an absolute refusal to boot up are never a good sign, really.

The good news it that I only had to spend about 20 minutes on the phone with Dell tech support before they decided that it wasnt anything i did, and it wasnt something they could talk me through.

The bad news is, they dont really have a clue either, so I have to ship it in for diagnostics and fixing. They said they are replacing the fan and the rubber feet on the bottom (?), but that there might be a motherboard issue as well. or something else, really, they dont know, so be sure and enclose a letter explaining what has been going on in detail.


this is made even better by the fact that on Thursday, I head to Anchorage for a week for a doctor's appointment and the state special ed conference, which means ill be in my hotel room for many hours alone without a computer. what the hell am i supposed to do with all of that free time?


so, needless to say, my lj time is going to be severely reduced. the school server blocks lj completely, and i can only borrow brandus's laptop on occasion.

ill try and check in, but the chances of me actually commenting on anything are pretty much nil.


:( hope it will get fixed soon *sends good comp vibes*
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