Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Ex Parrots

I need Nine and Nine/Rose icons.

Help. Ive been eaten by fandom. AGAIN.

Watched Christmas Invasion with David Tennat, and, while i dont know if i can accept him as the Doctor, i found him charming. it made me angry and irritable, as i did not want to even LIKE him.


and i could already see the Ten/Rose sparks and IM VERY UNHAPPY ABOUT IT.

Now, send me to the fic. and the icons. of NINE, dammit. or, learning how to deal with Ten, thats ok too.

oh hell, just give me fic.

also, have been reading Supernatural fic, which is funny because ive only watched the first two episodes so far, and while i can see the fun, the wendigo not being able to catch them while walking out of the cave made me sprain my eyeball while rolling it.

but fic is fun. not into the wincest, but seeing as im going to hell anyway, ill probably start seeing it soon. but at the moment, i like the family bondy stuff.

in other news, in about 80 days, Lord Voldemort the Younger will be making his debut into the world. and then ill never sleep again.

in other OTHER news, my husband finally snapped today and yelled at a teacher who RICHLY deserved it. heh. but now he wants to apologize, and im being very unsupportive about it, because id rather he didnt. she's a moron, she's been a morom the whole year, seems to have no concept that her contract is NOT BEING RENEWED even though the principal told her she was NOT going to be here next year. all the kids hate her. its..kinda sad, if it wasnt so OBNOXIOUS.

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