Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Icons and Doctors and Things

My neighbor bribed me with ice cream into watching the new Doctor Who. And by new, I mean Nine, who I was resisting, because I knew i would LOVE HIM, and then he would become Ten and be Barty Crouch, Jr, and it would just be several flavors of wrong.

We're up through The Doctor Dances, which means Ive met Captain Jack. I dont love him wildly yet, but the whole reason aberdeen is bribing me is to get far enough into Doctor Who that my resistance will be down and I will beg her, on my knees, to share the wonder of Torchwood.

Regardless, much love for both Rose and Nine. And yes, Im ready for fic. Where do i go?

in other news, i got bored the other day and made icons from the Drew Barrymore/Vogue/Beauty and the Beast photoshoot. i would show them to you, only i cant get photobucket to load on my computer, which means i cant upload them. so, ill share them later.

missed the first ten minutes of Bones tonight, due to The Doctor Dances. so, ill have to wait until i can download it from itunes to watch the whole thing so i can comment on it. growl.

also, am sulky. want to vid, and my Bones 2.05 is BROKEN. i dont know what happened, the others that gen sent me work fine...

ps. for vids, i need a copy of Weird Al's "White and Nerdy" in mp3 format, should anyone have it.

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